Location: Tokyo, Kanto
Salary: Open
Employment Type: Permanent
Languages: Japanese > Fluent, Mandarin > Fluent
Industry: Technology/Online
Sub-industry: Large IT Corporation
Function: HR & GA

Company Overview

该公司是一家总部设在中国的国际IT公司。 专注于通过创新和创意通过互联网为全球客户提供广泛的网络线上服务。 作为该领域的全球领导者之一,他们在全球约 10 个地区拥有超过 22,000 名员工。服务领域涵盖教育、音乐、新媒体以及游戏等。 他们致力于提供稳定和友好的工作环境,以满足员工良好的工作和生活需求。在过去几年中,即使在COVID 的情况下,他们的业务也一直在稳步增长。。

The company is a Global IT firm with headquarter in China. Specialize in providing wide range of service online through innovation and creativity world widely. As one of the global leaders in this area, they have more than 22 thousand employees located in around 10 regions globally. Their service fields cover education, music, media as well as gaming. They offer a stable and friendly working environment with great life balance (Work from home) that fitting employees need. The business has been steadily growing over the last years even under COVID with an industry economically very solid.

Job Description

Title: [外資系] HR Specialist
Code: HSU-JO-220603-286888
该职位坐标东京。 是在市场工作条件一流的绝佳环境中工作的机会。
Position for a global company in Tokyo. This is the opportunity to work in a fantastic environment with top-of-the-market working conditions.

日本业务的不断扩张增加了该团队的人力资源需求。 今天,他们正在全球寻找热爱挑战的候选人,以简单有效的方式强化日本分公司的人力资源。 作为日本人力资源部的一员,您将支持日本本地的 HR 运营工作,同时参与公司全球HR服务的各种项目。
This is an HR Specialist position.
The business's constant expansion in Japan leads to an increase in the needs of their HR Team. Today, they are looking for candidates that will accept the challenge of strengthening the Japan branch’s HR in ways that are both simple and effective. As the Japan country HR leader, you will conceive practical and creative ways to engage the best leading talent in the market. The team is driven and motivated to be knowledgeable partners to our candidates and hiring managers. They are collaborative in problem-solving, with high tenacity in challenging situations.

- 支持日本当地的 HR 运营工作,推动海外共享服务的有效规划和落地实施;
- 了解业务所在国家的相关人力资源政策;
- 负责海外本地 HR 运营流程和工作设计,为全球员工和外派员工提供全面的 HR 解决
- 方案及相关支持,不断提升员工体验;
- 负责本地供应商管理,不断优化服务流程和质量;
- 招聘流程的支持

- Support the HR operation of the local business, understand the business strategy and promote the effective planning and implementation of shared services overseas.
- Understand the relevant HR policies of the country where the business is located, and establish a compliant, reasonable, and competitive policy plan.
- Responsible for overseas local HR operation process and work design, providing comprehensive HR solutions and related support for global employees and expatriate employees, and continuously improving employee experience.
- Responsible for global supplier management, and continuously optimizing service process and quality; Optimize HR work practices through relevant industry research or data analysis.


必要なスキル・経験 - Required Skills and Experience:
- 本科及以上学历,有日本留学或日本知名企业工作经验者优先;
- 3 年以上 HR 相关工作经验,熟悉当地劳动相关法律法规;有 payroll、签证、税务方面经验的优先;
- 具有较强的跨部门、跨文化、跨领域的沟通协调能力,具有良好的专业影响力、人际理解和沟通协调能力;
- 日语和中文能够作为工作语言

- Bachelor’s degree or above, with international study or work experience in Japan in well-known companies is preferred.
- More than 3 years of global HR-related work experience, familiarity with local labor-related laws and regulations; Experience with payroll, work permits, and income tax is a plus.
- Have strong inter-departmental, cross-cultural, and cross-field communication and coordination skills, good professional influence, interpersonal understanding, and communication and coordination skills.
- Japanese and Chinese are a necessary working language

Additional Information

求人の特徴- Selling points:
- Attractive Working conditions - 魅力的な労働条件
- International environment - 国際的な環境
- Great company culture - 素晴らしい社風
- Strong career opportunities - キャリアアップのチャンス
- International company - 国際的な企業
- Listed public company - 上場企業
- International opportunities - 国際的に活躍するチャンス有
- Good work-life balance / Low overtime - ワークライフバランス重視/残業少ない
- Close to station / Easy access through transportation - 駅近/アクセス便利

Probation Period: 3 months
Smoking Conditions: YES
Overtime: YES
Social Insurance: YES
Holidays: YES
Working Hours: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Lunch Break: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Benefits: Bonus has been included in above salary
Job reference: JO-220603-286888

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