Associate of the Year

Huanhuan Chen

Candidate: 312 (As of 11/15)

Submittals by CDD Owner: 472 (As of 11/15)

Placement by CDD Owner: 14 (As of 11/15)

(By the way she joined RGF this April.)


Masaki Hanishi

11PLCs. He became a trainer for new joiners Also became to AC and billed 25M


Marcus Christensen

Proved an excellent ability to quickly learn, gain autonomy and be credible in the very hard area of HR Recruitment. 3 months in, he was able to provide career advice to HR Directors and TA Managers. In less than a year, he was able to get promoted from A to AC and handled his first placements. He notably sourced the CDD for the 13M placement, was consistent in his KPIs and always faced his mistakes, accepting the challenges and growing from it.


Yo Af Uhr

Yo had dreams of being maverick in Top Gun but later realized it is much, much cooler being a headhunter. He is very deserving of this recognition. His hard work ethic and determination has brought him success in a short time frame and his sense of urgency working roles will ensure that success continues.


Konomi Ueno

Konomi has helped team to source a lot of good candidates covered all different areas. (renewable energy, datacenter, SDGs)

All consultants in energy team have successfully made placements by her CDDs.


Yoshiko Osamura

Yoshiko consistently brings CDDs to the team and is a great mood maker of the team


X-Seller of the Year

Kei Ogino

Kei regularly shares many clients and jobs with other teams. Good X-selling mindset.


Junwoo Lee

Jun uses his connections with different teams across the business and is always looking to X-sell.


Brian Martin

Brian is always sharing job leads throughout the business due to his disciplined and consistent BD schedule.


Associate Consultant of the Year

Yuka Imamura

RGF's Harry Potter super fan joined in September 2021. What really impressed me about Yuka’s application was her recruiting experience in the UK – not an easy job during a global pandemic!  

Yuka was my first native Japanese hire, and I am delighted to see her rapid progress and development; personal highlights include total billing of 31.3M, with a personal best 16.8M in Q3, plus an incredible 228 registered CDDs to date.


Shuhei Aoyagi

30M as AC joiner since he joined 2021/10. So far, he has had 5 Quarters and has billed around 50M. Excellent level


Rahel Masaeli

Rahel has billed 29.9M JPY from the start of Q4 2021 to the end Q3 2022. Also, she is always using market research to BD new companies in order to generate new business for the entire company.


Sheri Lin

Sheri is a proud talent who had very humble beginnings. She struggled at grasping the difficult area of HR Recruitment but worked hard every day to improve. Every quarter saw steady progress until her performance in Q4 where she is now leading the team's billing despite her young experience. She is a great example of "not give up not surrender" and strive to become a better version of herself every day.


Carolyn Chen

Carolyn has worked so hard to close a lot of difficult deals and her average fee in 2022 is around 4M.

As AC, she has performed more than expected and already became recruiting specialist of renewable industries.


Kodai Otsuka

17M in a single month – a record breaking performance


Back Office Pillar of the Year

Ayana Jensen

Very professional and supportive, playing an important role in both SO Team and then SA Team. 


Atul Zade

Always helpful when we have IT problems.


Uguisu Sei

She handled Calib move and implemented soft token. We could not have made the Calib move without her support.


Ran Itokawa

Ran’s work on SO Team and job board related is always appreciated. Thank you Ran


Keiko Ofuji

Her first full year with RGF and has been an important member of SO Team. Responsive, supportive, professional and reliable, Keiko is someone who often takes the initiative for various kaizen projects.


Yoko Yamamoto, Uguisu Sei, Atul Zade (Office Move Team)

In October we moved into a new hybrid office, moving from a fixed desk system to a hot desk system. So much unseen work goes into such a move and it would not have been possible without the huge contribution of our Back office teams especially our special task force of IT and GA - Sei, Yoko and Atul. The transition has been so smooth and we were able to operate seamlessly from day one thanks to their efforts.


TA Team

Huge HC target for 2022 achieved with over 70 new joiners onboard. Supporting the company growth and representing RGF well to the market


Consultant of the Year

Ryo Tokuda

He joined RGF as a New Grad, promoted to Consultant from 2022.

He is not only an excellent biller but also a pioneer in Internal IT area.

As of 11/15, he has billed 37 million which are all from internal IT positions


Misuzu Koike

One of the most stable billers in CT division, now does 1on1 with Associates, billed 30M


Ena Morita

Ena consistently hits KPIs and achieves her revenue target. She is on pace to achieve 40M JPY billing in 2022 and also acts as a leader to assist others succeed, not only within her own team but also across all of RGF. Ena even negotiated a retainer contract for a different team!


Masaki Inoue

Masaki is a hard worker, sourcing master and top biller. 

Masaki constantly made more than 10MJPY revenue for each Q in 2022 and he is a role model in the team.


Nobuaki Okano

100M - speaks for itself


Deal of the Year

Ai Enomoto

Successfully received an offer from a client and closed, despite the fact that the CDD has applied to over 50 companies but couldn't receive a single offer from any company.


Emi Kobayashi

6plc(15M) with in 1 month with one client (new BDed).


Khan Smith

13M Yen deal. Exclusive role given to us by the client TA Director. This because of very good relationship with client. Khan supported the TA Director to hire the head of HR of his previous company.

Role was originally only VP, not CHRO but we convinced the client to upgrade the role which led us to work in a political coup to force the current CHRO to resign.

Role was complex with 7 interviews involving top executives from the US

We face a competitive offer of 51M JPY but we convinced the candidate to take our offer (37M JPY) because we explained and offer much greater career development with client engaging on a 3 years development plan.

Original budget was 21M JPY which was totally different

The keys to this success were to have very good success proofed relationship with the client. A very experience consultant taking the role with the ability to provide strong consulting services to the client, helping the client to do the necessary structural / organization changes to onboard a top Japanese talent. Strongly understand the inner motivation of the candidate and propose an offer that had what was necessary to touch the heart of the candidate which protected us from competitive offer. Strong combination between senior consultant (Khan) and strong Associate (Marcus) who understood very well the technical requirements and profile needed for the role and sourced the candidate in only 2 days!


Noriyuki Suzuki

Current Top Biller in 2022.

In addition to creating high individual results each year, as a manager he has also achieved great results in developing his team members.


Senior Consultant or Principal Consultant of the Year

Takafumi Suzuki

Volume recruiter, filled with full pipeline every week. Consistently manages his KPI and never makes excuses.


Wayne Ko

Always helping team, billed more than 40M and a future leader in CT


Ryohei Shinozaki

delivered the result and revived the team immediately after coming back from childcare leave.


VMV Award

Dominik Sakic

Dom joined RGF last March and quickly established himself as a very popular member. Since day one, Dom has demonstrated strong teamwork and accountability, always ready to help colleagues and management while consistently improving his individual KPIs.   

Dom also celebrated an important milestone this year by marrying his beautiful wife – so he's officially the luckiest man in Japan  


Haruka Toshikawa

She always demonstrates RGF Values and does what is the best for this company


Hidetaro Konno

He shared his recruiting method to everyone.


Masaki Inoue

He shared his knowledge and experience not only with his own team but also with other team consultants and New Joiners, and many members of RGF gained much support from him.


Wakana Yoshida

Excellent work every month working through all the PCS checking and invoice preparation which is not an easy task! Stepping up to business planning work too with the right mindset and is always positive.


Newcomer of the Year

Huanhuan Chen

We hired many excellent new joiners this year.

It was so hard to choose No.1.

Again, DATA says the Award goes to her.


Chunni Wang

Stable biller average 5M every Q since she joined.


Honghe Zhang

Kyai consistently carries with him high energy in everything he does. This energy also translates into his activities, and he has been generating on average a candidate a day since he joined RGF. He can also often be found charming colleagues by lending a helpful hand or with his superb pool skills.


Megumi Amano

Megumi Amano joined RGF in Jan 2023 and has already made 28.7M in sales this year!!!! 

She is very responsible and always positive in her work, and I believe that her ability to Kaizen from mistakes and her sense of responsibility to fulfill her own responsibilities led to this result.

Please also consider her achievement not only for her contribution to sales, but also for her contribution to building a better team by suggesting improvements in various aspects to the team.


Kyosuke Kawaguchi

7Plc so far, average 1 per month after joining the business in April


Unsung Hero

Yumi Masaki

As you may know, ET division is doing customer success project.

Yumi is one of the core members and working on it 2 hours every day for our teams. 

Thank you so much.


Naoya Kinoshita (From IRB)

He is true RGF member helps us all with his unseen work in business planning.


L&D Team

L&D team planned and conducted a lot of training for consultant.


Kaho Ito

2022 has been a growth year for SO Team and Kaho has done a great job steering the team and ensuring the onboarding of new team members has been seamless. SO Team plays an important function in the business supporting the sales side and the big steps taken this year would not have been possible without Kaho.


Tomoya Sato

Successfully completed the new website launch and plays an important role in all company marketing initiatives and events.


Team of the Year

DX Technology

One of the best teamwork team in RGF, which will be a role model.



Double the budget, Tripled People, and yet hit the annual target, no resignations



Many new members in X-Tech team become successful in this year.

It’s a very good thing to keep sustainable growth to the future.

Vamos to the next year!!


Manager of the Year

Zhongyang Zhao

Brought stability to the organization without anyone resigning from his team, deserved Sustainability.


Maho Miyauchi

Double the budget, Tripled People, and yet hit the annual target, no one left team. Because of her, changed definition of unit model


Brian Martin

Brian is the great listener and supporter for the team. He respects the individual members and creates a good team environment.


Amy Tang

She was instrumental in helping team members grow and create a track record of achievement.

All members of the team have really grown a lot over the past year.

This is her first year as manager and it was a wonderful accomplishment.


Midori Inoue

The manager of the top team