RGF is a global brand of Recruit Group, Japan

CEO Message for New Graduates

1. Please tell us about the vision and future outlook of RGF International Recruitment (RGF)?

Unleash Potential of every individual talent, every employer, and each one of us, while being a bridge to a better world in Asia and throughout the globe.

We hope to open doors of employment opportunities, both in Asia and globally, so that everyone becomes part of the prosperous society that all of us have envisioned for ourselves. This philosophy has always been cherished and emphasized by Recruit ever since its establishment 60 years ago.

When everyone is doing their best to attain their maximum potential, your job becomes an integral part of your life. Our mission is to be the number one partner that creates the most excellent opportunities by bridging individuals and companies.

Nowadays, the world is full of apprehension and inconveniences – we always hear “I don't have enough information” or “I don't have enough time.” Besides this, there are also a number of other underlying negative limitations that individuals and employers have not yet recognized but should be solved to achieve their ambitions and goals. This is where RGF comes in.

By providing valuable insight directly from the companies we‘re connected with, we hope to help individuals overcome these negative limitations, and identify the potential challenges they might face. Through this, we hope that we could create as many optimal employment opportunities as possible so we could help build a bright and prosperous future for everyone.

Our current market’s focus is Asia. Unlike Japan, which is quite homogeneous in culture and language, Asia is the opposite. It is large in scale, rather diverse, and is quite complex. Yet despite this complexity, the Asian market is booming and is full of possibilities to be unleashed – we see that serving this Asian market is really challenging, but at the same time, we clearly recognize the reason why RGF exists in this market and realize the strong sense of accountability to solve both visible and invisible negative limitations to help every individual to live with fulfillment. 

To attain our vision, it’s essential that we first become an opinion leader in the market. RGF is a part of Recruit and although RGF is one of Asia’s leading companies in the HR industry, we have yet to reach Recruit’s market standing in Japan. Compared to Recruit, we still have a long way to go. Recruit is currently known throughout Japan as one of the best recruitment and information services companies.

Our short-term goal is to be the number one recruitment company in Asia and our long-term goal is to be recognized globally as an excellent company.

2. Please tell us about the culture of RGF and the types of individuals you are hiring.

One of RGF’s competitive advantage is our culture to accept and respect each other, no matter the background, race, gender, and age. Diversity may sometimes be a challenge for some companies but I think the staff of RGF share a common mindset, which helps us all work as One Team.  This mentality is grounded on RGF’s 7 core values: Integrity, Kaizen, Respect, Accountability, Teamwork, Boldness, and Fun.

RGF operates in 26 cities, 11 countries and markets throughout Asia, and has more than 1,400 staff with approximately 40 different nationalities.

We have an environment that reflects the global reach of our company. This is the culture of RGF. It’s a place where everyone grows together and respects each other’s diversity.

As for the kind of people we hire, since it’s an organization that embodies diversity, we’re open to welcoming people of different backgrounds, nationalities or race. However, we require a certain proficiency in English to easily communicate with each other.

More importantly, we must all possess the same core values that RGF espouses. After joining the company, regardless of your age or nationality, we provide immediate and bigger responsibilities depending on your individual performance, such as being in charge of sales or being the team manager. I think it’s definitely a perfect place for those who have the motivation to grow and wish faster career advancement according to results.

Working at RGF will be very rewarding and fun especially to those who embrace diversity and want to learn proactively to “create their own opportunity and change themselves through opportunity”.

3. Please tell us about the career path after joining RGF and what experiences and skills you can gain from RGF.

After joining the company, you will be recruiting and advising bilingual talent. As an HR Professional, you will be in charge of handling both the clients and the candidates. For the client’s side, you will be sharing industry trends and providing excellent human resources solutions based on their specific hiring needs and the challenges they face. As for the candidates, we seek to understand each individual’s career goals and strive to give them the best opportunities and advice possible.

For your career path, RGF always considers your career goals. In fact, your career path will vary depending on your preference - whether you want to manage a team and be responsible for a team’s achievements or whether you want to focus on recruitment, further improving your skill and expertise.

In addition, we also provide our staff the opportunity to take on new roles in new functions such as marketing, planning, back office, and many more. We also support international opportunities where you are given the chance to work in our other international branches – which I, as a CEO, personally encourage.

Regardless of age or nationality, you are given opportunities to grow as long as you are driven to reach your goals. However, to succeed, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want to do. As you get exposed to the intricacies of the job, such as dealing with clients and candidates, you will start to have a deeper understanding of not only RGF’s clients and candidates, but also the recruitment industry and the Japanese market as well. Having this new experience and this in-depth knowledge will hopefully equip you to have a clearer picture of your personal ambition. 

Another great thing about RGF is the chance to work in a global environment while staying in Japan. I think the environment is highly recommended for those who want to utilize their English skills and want to work with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

Additionally, if you possess the right mindset, are deeply motivated and are driven by meeting objectives and results, you will be given plenty of opportunity to immediately grow and be rewarded based on your performance. So the skills and experience you will gain depends on your mindset, passion, and effort while RGF gives you the opportunity and environment to reach your full potential.

4. What makes you feel rewarded to work in RGF?

I joined Recruit as a mid-career employee starting in HR Media Sales and then managerial and other roles. Since 2013, when I joined RGF, I was appointed to various roles, including the following: In charge of audit, Selection Division Business Head, Search Division Business Head, CFO, and COO. Since 2018, I’ve been working as the CEO of RGF International Recruitment.

What I value the most about the work under RGF is that in just a short span of 6 years, I’ve been able to obtain tons of experience and growth opportunities by managing such a huge market and a fast paced business, which is quite rare even for those you have devoted their whole career life to a certain job. I really appreciate that I was given this fortunate and rare assignment, but of course, it’s quite challenging and tough.

Since establishing its office in Shanghai in 2006, the scale of our business has grown rapidly through strategic M&As and self-setups. Now we aim to become “One Global Company” in Asia as the next stage of our growth by leveraging our vast footprint and network.

I always keep asking myself the question: “How far can RGF grow?” and because of this, I have clear ambition and confidence in the answer of this question. I strongly believe that “there must be so many more things that we can do and have to do”. Work at RGF may be quite challenging at times but it is always exciting and meaningful to me. When I realize that we, RGF, were able to successfully impact positive changes and lead innovation together with our colleagues who are all working toward the same shared goal, I always feel a sense of accomplishment and a sense of value, which cannot be replaced by anything.

5. Please give some advice to the students who are currently job hunting.

In regards to jobs, I think many of you already have a certain image in mind, since you have probably had some experience from your internships or part-time jobs.

However, being a full-time professional is much more complicated but deeply exciting – you will get to have new experiences and insights that would go beyond your expectation. I personally believe that if you’re a new grad with little to no prior exposure to the corporate world, it’s almost impossible to have a clear answer or vision of what’s considered the best company to work for.

At the same time, generally there are two types of new graduates: Those who think that “it was a good choice to join the company and that work is fun” and those who think that “I have issues at work and do not want this kind of job”.

If there’s one advice that I can give to you so that you would be happy about your choice, it’s that before starting to choose companies and jobs, you should invest some time to thoroughly reflect on your answer to these two: 1.) “How do I want to live with fulfillment?” 2.) “What core values matter the most to me?”

Knowing yourself and staying curious will always be an important aspect of having a successful life and career – which will prove useful even long after you start working in the corporate world.

I truly hope that you will be able to spend time to self-reflect and ponder on your goals as you transition from being a student to being a professional and successful employee.

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