Job Description

Company Overview

Harmony & Nature! The way we use electricity will change and this company provides a plan to replace nuclear and coal-generated energy with a microgrid.
With their IoT product that taps into the infrared waves of home appliances and connects them to the internet, the customer can control their home appliances via Smartphone application. They have a partnership with Google, their product is sold in over 600 stores (with over 100K units sold), and they have raised 5M USD in funding.

Job Description

- 新機能実装のためのサーバサイドの開発
- ユーザ数拡大に伴って、インフラ環境の整備と運用
- 続く商品の開発業務

【Job Content】

- Server-side development for implementing new functions
- Development and operation of the infrastructure environment as the number of users increases
- Continue product development


- サーバーサイドの開発経験 (Go, Ruby, Perl, Python など)

【Required Skills】

- Server-side development experience in a similar environment (including Go, Ruby, Perl, Python, etc.)

Additional Job Information

Including but not limited to: React Native、Swift、Java、Kotlin; Go, Node.js, etc.; GitHub; AWS; Slack.