Location: Japan - Tokyo
Job Type: Permanent
Salary: 8000000 - 12000000 JPY
Job Function: Banking & Finance - IT
Reference: JO-181225-179471
Industry: Technology/Online
Sub-Industry: E-commerce

Company Overview

A global Internet service company

Job Description

1) Position Summary
All finance domain is called as FinTech, which is another biggest pillar of business of us. Card, Bank, Securities and Insurance are operated as individual companies with authorization by finance agencies, that requires high specialty, reliability or governance.

In fact, there's still big potentiality to be addressed or issues to be solved to enhance organization structure, hiring and educate high level IT human resources, or streamline IT and systems among FinTech companies as a perspective. So that we highly need IT person who is specialized in multiple finance domains.

This requisition is for generalist who is going to be an inevitably valuable person who has knowledge of multiple IT specialties and finance domains, dedicated in leading or supporting of creating new synergy, system planning and development, organization improvement or anything to be done.

2) Responsibilities
- To be IT person in charge of creating synergy and solving issue between FinTech Businesses and company.
- To analyze requirements, plan, manage and support of IT projects of FinTech Businesses
- To consider and create IT systems/solutions of FinTech Businesses by utilizing our assets
- To plan and support of IT organization , hiring and development of IT human resources of FinTech Businesses

3) Related Parties
External parties:
System person in charge of partners, banking/payment network providers, service providers, manufacturers

Internal parties:
System and business person in charge of FinTech Businesses , developers, outsourcing venders, person in charge of Tech related divisions or corporate related divisions


Logical thinking
High context communication skills
Experience to construct systems and/or manage system project that requires high reliability like finance system
Experience to develop IT human resources
Experience involved in hiring IT human resources