RGF is a global brand of Recruit Group, Japan

Job Description

Company Overview
My client is a listed Fin-Tech company based in Tokyo but with offices across the APAC region as well as the US. They are expanding rapidly and are well-known as a leader in their field.

Job Description
・ Internal audits of domestic and overseas business locations and departments (The APAC region and the US)
· Business improvement proposal and its execution
※ Includes the support of corporate auditor

・ Sympathy for the vision of changing the world with economic information
・ Project management experience in a business company
・ High interest in web services and startups, curiosity

Welcome conditions:
・ Experience of business improvement at a business company and similar cross-organizational project work experience
・ Experience in an organization that oversees the whole business, such as the president's office, business planning, strategy consulting, investment banks, investment funds, and management of subsidiaries in general trading companies
Management experience in listed companies (Accounting, General Affairs, Legal, etc.)
・ Basic financial and legal knowledge in turning business
・ Practical experience in both startups (including mega ventures) and large and medium-sized companies
・ Experience in a company expanding globally