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Company Overview
Legal IT venture company

Job Description
[Details about work]

Currently, we are strengthening recruitment on both the engineer and business sides in order to further accelerate our business.
Currently, the management department manager from the hiring department is in charge of hiring, but the management department is preparing for the IPO
Looking for someone who can hire me while the whole thing is busy.

■ Required skills・ Experience in mid-career recruitment (experience in the overall process from recruitment public relations to joining the company)
・ Proceed with speedy work by mastering Web tools such as GSuite, ATS, and chat toolsThose who are good at and like

■ Welcome skills・ Those who have experience in growing startups from the aspect of hiring personnel (about 30 people → 100 or more people, etc.)
・ Experience in hiring new graduates
・ Persons with labor knowledge and experience
・ Persons with knowledge and experience in payroll calculation
・ Person who has experience of preparing for IPO

■ Desired person image
・ Those who are highly autonomous and can move independently
・ Flexible support for tasks that occur sequentially without falling into sectionalism

Additional Job Information
【Working hours】
・ Working hours: Full flex system without core time
・ Complete weekly two-day system (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
・ Annual holiday 120 days or more
・ Year-end and New Year leave / paid leave / prenatal and postnatal leave / childcare leave / nursing leave