Job Description

Company Overview
World's leading Electronics/Tech giant

Job Description
Designed a compensation system that applies to all group companies. Become a key member of this project. It also includes grade unification and the shift to job-type positions in relation to the design of the compensation system.

Appeal point of position, expected career path, etc.
They are currently undertaking various reforms in terms of HR to further globalize the company. A position where you can put yourself in the middle of it and make your own proposals and executions. There is also a lot to learn as an HR professional by being involved in measures and projects in the surrounding area. Career development is possible vertically and horizontally, and other fields of HR, HRBP, affiliated company HR, etc. are also considered.

Position recruitment background
The above-mentioned reward project will start in FY2020. They would like to hire new talent from outside.

MUST skills, experience, qualifications
・HR experience (5 years or more) including compensation system and salary/welfare work experience (2 years or more)
・Analysis ability (especially numerical value)
・Project management skills
・Business level English

WANT skills, experience, and qualifications
・Experience in PMI and system revision, such as medium- and large-scale compensation system integration projects
・Personnel consulting experience related to compensation

Image of desired person (soft skill)
・Enjoy the transformation and take the lead
・Communication ability (being able to interact with internal and external stakeholders)
・Teamwork ability

Additional Job Information
Location - central Tokyo
Salary - negotiable