Client Service Manager

Job Description

Company Overview
A US headquartered Financial Solutions company whose clients are world's largest mutual funds, brokerage houses and banks.

Job Description
Responsible for delivery of service to clients, day to day management of client queries, issue resolution, ownership of day to day commercial relationship

Client Service: Service Delivery Management: provide direction to the efforts of the support and development groups, maintain strong client relationships

* Act as client liaison at the operational day to day management level including regular meetings and response to client escalations.
* Agree the schedule of work deliveries with the clients acting as a champion to their issues.
* Liaising with the internal teams as to confirm scheduling / solution detail and agree responses to the client.
* Plan out future work / forecast the needs of the client demands such that resources can be managed appropriately.
* Escalation of critical issues internally or to the client so that appropriate action can be taken.
* Ongoing project administration / liaison with finance (invoicing for enhancements / consultancy work, budget control, estimates / enhancement reports).
* Produce regular status reporting to the client and internal stake holders on service delivery performance (releases performed / bugs reported / major outages etc)
* Ensure procedures are followed by support team members.
* Ensure that all issues are logged into the wiki and follow the appropriate workflow.
* Ensure deliver the best possible service including compliance with any existing Service Level Agreements.
* Identify and follow up on revenue generating opportunities, prepare and price proposals (or enhancement requests) based on product development analysis and estimates, negotiate and drive client sign-off on proposals
* Look for opportunities to increase the time we spend with our clients and to widen our network of client contacts.
* Project manage implementations which do not have a dedicated PM.

Client Service: Critical Incidents: take charge of the situation during critical incidents
* Act as a key co-ordination point for key incidents between internal and external
* Help to investigate, direct and manage critical incidents using technical skills and knowledge of the business
* Escalation of key critical outages to senior management and technical groups to attain further support.

Client / Internal Relationships: Build trust and understanding between the members of the team on both client and internally
* Develop and maintain progressive and professional relationships with the clients.
* Work closely with and be the focal communication point with the local and global support / development teams.


* Good practical experience of Gloss production environments (or similar, large scale, systems)
* Good management skills and familiarity with word, excel and wiki for tracking and control of work.

* Product Knowledge: Has an excellent understanding of all our products and how these can be used to solve the client’s problems.

* Technical Knowledge: Has an excellent understanding of technologies available in the market place (both used by us and those that could be used to provide solutions). Able to program in Java / C or SQL (SQL mandatory).

* Securities Industry Knowledge: Excellent understanding of the Client’s business practices and standards within the Japanese and foreign markets. Good appreciation of how operations are carried out in Gloss and related products to achieve the Client’s business objectives.

* Market Knowledge: Understand our competitors and the activities of Securities companies to help seek opportunities to make sales and understand the weakness of our solutions.

* Analysis: Able to analyze problems and provide direction to technical teams

* Estimations / Planning: Can estimate and plan out developments / enhancement time scales. Liaise with other teams to get appropriate input / buy-in.

* Project Management: Knowledge of Project Management techniques and practices that can ensure successful delivery of the services.

* Testing: Able to draw-up test plans (or review test plans created by others). Ability to execute test schedules in order to ensure that the system meets required standards prior to delivery to the client).

* Delegation: Able to effectively delegate tasks to the team members and monitor progress.

* Ability to gather and understand client needs
* Ability to remain client focused
* Able to collaborate with other teams within our company as well as client teams
* Show leadership when faced with adverse situations
* Excellent communication, both written & spoken (in Japanese and English)
* Organized and methodical approach.
* Ability to work to an agreed plan and time-scales.
* Commitment to ensure quality standards of deliverables are met.
* Able to manage sub-ordinates and effectively delegate.