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Job Description

Company Overview
My client is a listed Fin-Tech company that dominates the Japanese market and has recently been expanding across both APAC and the US. They are now looking to hire someone with a strong Finance background to help them in one of their most rapidly developing Business Units and have two headcounts for this role.

Job Description
This is a role for someone that comes from a Finance background and has a good understanding not just of hands on Accounting / Financial Analysis, but is also able to understand how those that work in this field think and act. You will be helping them, as our customers, to improve their own business through your own specialized Finance knowledge and strong customer service skills.

[Welcome conditions]
・ Has knowledge of accounting / finance, experience of financial institution / investment bank / consulting firm etc., experience of finance etc. at operating companies etc.
・ Business Level English
・ Accounting or Finance or Investment Bank / Big 4 Consulting experience is highly welcome
・ Those who have high growth motivation such as accounting and financial skills acquisition and can plan and execute on their own
・ Positive, open communication and flexible behavior in a flat organization
・ Positive people who have the ability to create new cultures and step up organizations