Job Description

Company Overview



A state-of-the-art venture company with an AI platform that supports business with successful implementation of Machine Learning & Deep Learning models.

Currently focusing on the retail industry, they are developing a store analysis service using AI.
In addition, they provide a platform that improves AI and machine learning implementation and operational processes.

So far, they have raised hundreds of millions of yen as the first Japanese company to invest from Google and NVIDIA.

Job Description
- 社内メンバーへのアドバイス(機械学習・数理モデリング)
- 論文の調査
- クライアントの課題に対するソリューションプロポーザル

- 社内外の研究論文の結果の普及
- 社内の技術レベルを高める
- 言語:Python 3.x

【Job Description】
Short term:
- Advice on machine learning and mathematical modeling (prediction, optimization, statistical model design, etc.) for internal members
- Research on papers related to business units
- Propose appropriate technical solutions to client issues

Mid term:
- Dissemination of the results of research papers inside and outside the company
- Establishing a mechanism to raise the in-house technical level
- Language: Python 3.x

- 機械学習・データ分析知識
- 機械学習・データ分析に関する3年以上の実務経験
- 機械学習・データ分析プロジェクトをリード経験
- 探索的データ解析の経験
- 国際会議・ジャーナル論文の調査
- ビジネスレベルの英会話(社内国際メンバーが英語を共通語としています)

【Mandatory requirements】
- Knowledge in machine learning and data analysis
- 3 years or more work experience in machine learning and data analysis.
- Experience leading projects based on machine learning and data analysis
- Experience in exploratory data analysis
- Survey of international conferences and journal articles related to work
- Business-level Japanese preferred