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Job Description

Company Overview
Healthcare professionals providing better patient care by delivering the accurate diagnostic information they need.

Job Description
Title: Demand Planning & Project Manager

[Business description]-Department
Align demand forecasting with production and procurement plans, and provide customers with the products they require without delay and with just enough. Maintain appropriate inventory, Improve cash flow. To that end, we optimize a series of process flows and always push ahead with business improvement.

Demand planning (demand forecasting plan)
・ Forecast future sales demand based on past actual data.
・ Accurately collect information from sales and marketing to improve the accuracy of demand forecasting. (New products and changeover products are particularly important)
・ Prepare demand forecasts for the next 6 to 12 months according to the demand of the supply side, and notify the procurement source.

Supply planning (production and procurement planning)
・ Adopt an appropriate supply method that matches the demand characteristics of the product. By ordering point management, by PSI (live sales) management
Order, BTO (Build to Order) management, etc.
・ Perform regular (every month and every week) ordering work without delay to the procurement source according to the supply method.
・ Management of Open Order, confirmation of progress, schedule management such as shipping, transportation, delivery (warehousing arrival), etc., coordination as necessary
-Check orders from customers that can not be shipped (Back Order) every day and try to solve them.
・ Inadequate inventory management, notify the order receiving team, sales and marketing as needed, and consider measures.
・ For those requiring distribution processing (labelling and assembling items), check the progress in the warehouse and grasp the possible shipping date.

Inventory management
• Regularly process inventory that has expired or has become short.
・ Dispose of obsolete inventory in line with the internal approval process.
・ Improve cash flow by constantly improving the inventory turnover rate (Inventory Turn).

-Master registration and maintenance of ERP System (Oracle). Review the parameters related to planning regularly.
For items sold only in Japan, initial item registration with Oracle will also be conducted.
・ KPI management (On-Time Delivery, Cost Saving, Inventory Turn etc)

Project management
・ Accurately grasp the current situation, find out the problems of daily work, and lead the lead in business improvement and problem solving.
・ Promote motivation to members, share information, etc., and smoothly advance the project without delay.
・ Promote improvement projects in collaboration with the Global team and Group's affiliates.

・ 5 years of experience in supply chain management related work
・ Communication skills (especially cross-functional communication between other departments is essential)
・ English & Native Japanese
・ PC skill (MS Excel, PowerPoint is intermediate level or more)
・ Project management: Coordination, facilitation experience
・ People management experience
・ Items subject to positive evaluation
・ Experience of Demand Planning (Sales Forecast Management, Sales & Operation Planning, PSI Management, etc)
・ If you have experience of planning with Demand Planning Tool (eg SAP, Oracle) and large data, it is a plus
・ If you are familiar with IT System (ERP, WMS, TMS, FMS) etc.
・ PC skills (MS Excel advanced macro, VBA, access (easy table, query creation etc)
・ Experience of business improvement, process improvement, problem solution

Additional Job Information
Application Contact:
Yandy Low
RGF Professional/ Supply Chain