Job Description

Company Overview
Global Pharmaceutical Company

Job Description
Develop new digitalized services to HCP (Not patient for this role) through the collaboration with externals in order to accelerate our core Pharmaceutical businesses.
Through the alignment of the global strategy as well as the external trend, adjust the localization in order to make it tangible
Strategy building for increasing our reputation in the industry as leading digital to gain the enthusiasm from the internal/external stakeholders
Recognized to be a hub internally/externally to incubate new digital service

• A University level (bachelors) degree in relevant subject
• Graduate degree preferred
• Business level Japanese and English(TOEIC 800 and above)
• Required to have experience for the new business development (In Japanese: Shinki-Jigyo)
• Minimum of 5 years of business experience
• Entrepreneurial spirit – understands the implications and demands of launching a capability within an organization, while being acutely aware of market and competitive dynamics