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Job Description

Company Overview

Job Description
Accelerate the adoption of digital by the Medical organisation to provide a unique company-customer experience across all TAs.

- Create plan to accelerate digital transformation within medical which includes focus on people, process and technology.
- Define needs and roll out Digital Training for Medical Teams
- Ensure Medical is able to measure and improve the performance of digital activities.
- Evolve TA communications to a digital-first approach, reducing dependence on traditional models
- Help TA team plan and execute a digitally-enhanced content strategy and communications mix that delivers improved customer satisfaction
- Instill an agile ‘learn & optimize’ digital corporate culture
- Set KPIs to ensure accountability and ensure progress
- Ensure digital insights & analytics drive improved decision making
- Accelerated corporate content production cycles
(from quarterly to monthly or weekly)
- Increased appreciation and replication of corporate content by local markets
- Utilisation of KPI model to guide business decisions

Job Expertise
- Documented experience from Digital technologies and processes.
- Understanding of Medical Affairs processes.
- Documented experience from Medical Communication through multichannel approach.

Minimum Education/Degree Requirements
- Relevant degree from accredited university.
- English fluent in writing, reading and speaking

Required Capabilities (Skills, Experience, Competencies)
Expected to be around 5 years of the following experience/background necessary:
- Significant medical experience within healthcare or other comparable experience
- Ability to influence across teams and functions
- Understanding of cross-functional challenges
- Strong digital strategy and innovation capabilities
- Strong communication skills
- Strong execution skills