RGF is a global brand of Recruit Group, Japan

Job Description

Company Overview
The world's leading backup and recovery software in the cloud and on any infrastructure. They help companies transform their data into a powerful strategic asset with data protection and information management solutions that enable organizations of all sizes, and industries, to protect, access and share all of their data anywhere and anytime.

Job Description
Enterprise Territory Manager (ETM) is responsible for maximizing numbers while creating and identifying deals for assigned territory customers. ETM will build relationships with customers over a long period of time, formulate and execute account plans, and create stable sales to contribute to customer satisfaction. If you have the ability to build relationships with customers and identify customer issues, we can achieve our numerical targets. You will also need the skills to be able to work as a team in collaboration with your company's SE, Deal Desk, Marketing, support department, partners and various departments and partners.

• Develop account plans and execute actions for targeted customers. Focus on activities to build relationships and increase sales for new and existing customers
• Understand your organization, issues, future IT investment plans and implementation plans for customers in your territory and strategically build and lead customers.
• Establish long-term relationships of trust with related departments such as partner sales, SE, professional services, finance, deal desk, legal affairs, etc.
• Promote end-to-end sales processes in complex and multi-year relationships.
• Build long-term relationships with customers and execute complex sales processes.
• Build relationships with partners (Sell-Through / Sell-With partners) to grow deals and increase sales.
• Report accurate forecasts regularly
• Achieve quarterly / annual target figures for software, professional services and support services

• ターゲットされたお客様に対して、アカウントプランを策定しアクションの実行。新規のお客様、既存のお客様に対してリレーションを構築し売上を伸ばす活動に注力する事
• 自分のテリトリーのお客様に対して、お客様の組織、課題、今後のIT投資計画、導入プランを理解し、戦略的に顧客と関係を築きリードする事
• パートナー営業、SE、プロフェッショナルサービス、ファイナンス、ディールデスク、法務などの関係部署との長期的な信頼関係を築き社内リソースを有効活用すること
• 複雑で多年にわたる関係でエンドツーエンドの販売プロセスを推進する事。
• お客様と長期的な関係を築き複雑な販売プロセスもしっかり遂行する事.
• パートナー(Sell-Through/Sell-Withパートナー)とのリレーションを構築し案件創出と売り上げを成長させる事。
• 定期的に正確なフォーキャストを報告する事
• ソフトウェア、プロフェッショナルサービス、サポートサービスにおいて四半期毎/年間の目標数字達成する事

• Sales experience with proven track record in a rapidly changing environment at an IT company
• Have a passion for sales activities from field staff to new / existing corporate customers, including CIO level
• Ability to plan and execute account strategies in cooperation with internal organization units
• Passion and attitude to understand all aspects of the customer with ownership and accountability, and to be able to realize difficult things without ever giving up
• Ability to execute company value proposition and solve customer issues (Cooperation with internal executive teams, related departments, and partners, and implementation of value proposition including consulting services and educational support as well as SW products)

• IT企業での変化の激しい環境で実績をあげたセールス経験
• 現場担当者からCIOレベルも含めて新規/既存の法人のお客様に営業活動をする情熱をもっていること
• 社内の関連組織の部隊と連携して、アカウント戦略を立案し実行する能力
• オーナーシップとアカウンタビリティーをもってお客様のあらゆる面を理解し、困難なことに対しても決してあきらめずに実現できるという情熱、姿勢
• 会社の価値提案を実施しお客様の課題を解決する能力 (社内のエグゼクティブチーム、関連部署、パートナー様とも連携し、SW製品のみならず、コンサルティングサービスや教育支援等も含めた価値提案の実施)