Job Description

Company Overview
Worlds' leading automotive company

Job Description
The position’s main role is to assist the Senior Level Executive of the company with daily administrative duties and a broad variety of tasks that include, but are not limited to, the following:

o Serving as a first point of contact for the Senior Level Executive securing a structured and well organized way of working to prioritize their time and activities
o Managing the mailbox and calendar
o Travel management and business trip arrangements
o Assisting the Executive in the high level/VIP visits and activities and facilitate communication both internally and externally.
o Establishing and maintaining effective and cooperative professional business relationships with all levels of management, employees and outside clients
o Liaising with other functions in the company as well as with external stakeholders inside and outside of Japan to plan and prepare meetings and presentations
o Drafting letters and creating PowerPoint presentations and assisting with developing and updating Excel spreadsheets and other documents
o Responsible for the administration and minutes for meetings where the Executive participates, as well as preparing events and meeting materials including assisting with the creation of presentations, handouts and other related materials as well as printing, binding and collating of materials for team, company and Board of Director meetings
o Giving functional support and advice to the other EA on tasks supporting the Executive Leadership team of the company and effectively leading all the assistants when team efforts are required in projects and events.
o Coordinating conference/meeting room set-up, ordering catering, and making logistical arrangements.
o Providing guidance and supporting the Executive expatriate and family members
o Performing other duties assigned by Executive such as supporting projects as needed

On top of the above, the Executive Assistant represents the Executive of the Company and is in many occasions the face and first point of contact of the Company.

 Experienced EA, at least 10 years of experience
 Fluent in English and Japanese language, both verbal and in formal writing
 Excellent planning and time management skills, prioritizing and organizing tasks to effectively meet deadlines and achieve specific results.
Can handle stress
 Excellence in administrative IT tools and equipment. Digitally savvy and curious about new technologies in the administrative business area
 Proactive, independent with the ability to organize, structure and prioritize in an effective way
 Accurate and detail conscious
 Good at managing interpersonal relationships and ability to work independently as well as in teams
 Ability to handle sensitive and confidential information with high level of personal integrity and ethics
 Socially confident in formal situations
 Strong communication skills including listening actively, expressing oneself in a clear and concise manner and appropriate written communication skills
 Information management skills including collecting, reviewing and monitoring required information
 Problem analysis and sound decision making skills including using good judgment and logical processes to identify issues promptly and arrive at an appropriate decision taking the right course of action to manage the problem
 Willingness and ability to travel as needed

Additional Job Information
They are looking for the right professional with passion and energy that can be a partner to the Executive and Chairman and contribute to their team!