RGF is a global brand of Recruit Group, Japan

Job Description

Company Overview
Global Pharma Maker

Job Description
1. Acquire innovative drug seeds and globally competitive platform technologies that will lead to the expansion of our R & D pipeline, mainly in Japan.
2. Negotiating joint research contracts with domestic partners and supporting alliance management
3. Maintain / expand and develop new internal / external networks to achieve the above objectives

Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Gather R & D information on active academia (universities, research institutes) and bio-ventures, especially in the field of diseases and technology that will lead to the expansion of our R & D pipeline
2. Collection of development information, especially in the field of diseases and technology leading to the expansion of our R & D pipeline
3. Proposing, sharing and evaluating new ideas to global teams through various industry-industry-academia collaborations
4. Support for joint research contract negotiations and alliance management
5. Maintain and expand internal and external networks that lead to acquisition of new collaboration projects, and develop new ones
6. Smooth cooperation and communication with internal departments (Business Development Department, Medical Science Liaison, etc.)

-Have knowledge and experience to correctly understand new scientific knowledge
-Have medical knowledge and understand recent medical unmet needs
-Experience in in vitro or in vivo nonclinical studies and drug discovery research o Academic paper publication experience (English, peer review journal)
-High communication ability to various domestic / internal / internal stakeholders o
-Business level English is essential because English communication is required on a daily basis.
- Doctoral Degree eg PhD or MD or Biochemistry Biochemistry, Biological (physiology) chemistry or Biology Biology o (Molecular & Cell Biology Molecular & Cell Biology) or Medicine o Pharmacology o Medical medicine