Job Description

Company Overview
This young startup company strives to be recognized as innovator in the field of robotics. They want to get things done in a way that’s easily reproducible; thus having every single person on the planet benefitting from the robotic revolution.
They design, manufacture, and operate their own robot, involving various cutting-edge technologies including VR and AI into their development.

Job Description
【Job content】

This role primarily involves the design and construction of novel VR and AR user interfaces for operating a remote humanoid robot for a variety of applications. This involves receiving and displaying high-quality streaming data to a user, and interpreting their motions to control the robot system. An understanding of computer graphics, virtual/augmented reality, UI/UX design and low-latency streaming will be beneficial to this role.

(Secondarily, this role involves development of 2DUI in Unity to provide support systems for interacting with the robot system.)


- Strong professional skill with Unity and C# in a VR context
- Intermediate professional experience with Modern C++
- An understanding of VR related concepts such as cybersickness and human visual perception
- Experience with user evaluation focussed UI design
- Understanding of graphics pipelines, geometric mathematics and experience writing shader programs
- Language: English or Japanese