Job Description

Company Overview
超大手グローバルコンサル会社 Top Global Consulting Firm

Job Description
• Providing technical guidance and performance management support to individual members of the GAFA team.
• Analysing large quantities of data in order to form and communicate a crisp view of the global account performance landscape.
• Continuously advising the account leadership team on expected financial performance vs. plan based upon analytics such as trend analysis and modelling of forward looking scenarios.
• Providing financial modelling and advice to support pricing decisions.
• Detailed analysis of financial performance in order to determine cause and effect correlations.
• Developing financial forecast scenarios for account performance based on information such as sales pipeline, resourcing, etc.
• Assessing the drivers of financial results with constant focus on improvement and rapid course correction where necessary.

Fluent in English – written and verbal
• Strong leadership abilities
• Expansive technical knowledge base and experienced coaching skills
• Able to work in a self-sufficient manner, operating across multiple projects and priorities
• Understands the commercial drivers of account performance
• Focuses on solutions that drive continuous improvement of account performance
• Synthesizes and communicates detailed financial information in support of an effective decision making process
• Navigates the full extent of accessible resources to deliver effective solutions
• Demonstrates the ability to apply a forward thinking customer focused lens to developing business solutions
• Utilizes sound financial practices to support operational decisions
• Forms and communicates a clear and concise view of financial performance
• Drives interactions that build trust and manage expectations with all stakeholders
• Demonstrates the ability to challenge assumptions and decisions in an appropriate manner
• Delivers cogent messages, encompassing financial analysis and recommendations
• Teams effectively to provide seamless end to end support of key account processes
• Demonstrates appreciation and respect of varying cultures – both corporate and geographical