Job Description

Company Overview
Rapidly growing re-energy venture/discretionary environment where skills can be greatly improved

Job Description
You will be required to carry out labor as a leader together with the members.

[Specific work content]
◆Labor management: Overall labor management, raise/promotion, operation of bonus decision process
[Plus point in the future]
◆ Hiring new graduates: Recruiting after 25 people a year
◆ Mid-career employment: Recruiting after 50 people a year
◆Human resource development: For planning and implementation of employee skill development training/for fostering and permeating corporate culture
Planning/execution of digitization initiatives/Planning and execution of new personnel system due to come into force in April
◆ Personnel planning: Research and analyze the personnel-related efforts with management and plan
Plan (not only in charge of planning)

■Required conditions:
・More than 5 years of work experience as a corporate personnel
・About 2 years of experience as a team leader or manager
・Experience in carrying out the planning or operation of new or improvement as a person responsible for recruitment, human resource development, or labor management

~Welcome to those who have one or more high expertise (specialty field) in HR field (recruitment, human resource development, labor)~

■ Welcome conditions:
・Experience as an HR business partner or business personnel
・Project management experience
・Sales experience