Job Description

Company Overview
Pharmaceutical company

Job Description
The HR manager will drive key HR process, system and policies related with local compensation and
benefits programs to be the best organization that can attract top talents in Japan.
 Design and deliver efficient and effective HR process for onboarding, compensation, rewarding,
promoting and managing employees to be the best in class bio-pharma company in Japan
 Develop, recommend and implement HR policies and procedures that are cost effective and
resource efficient
 Designs local benefits programs and policies related with compensation and benefits (severance
payment program etc) aligned with the global policy and corporate value
 Identify trends and implement new practices to engage and motivate employees
 Leads and coordinates compensation processes like the salary planning, bonus planning and
incentive schemes development by working together with Global HR team
 Act as a consultant to people managers and staffs regarding HR procedures and policies related
with compensation and benefits
 Trains line managers in the compensation (performance evaluation and compensation planning
etc), benefits and HR process area
 Conduct research on employee satisfaction (e.g. using surveys and quantitative data), and create and
monitor KPI related with HR

Education / Experience / Skills/Competencies:
 Solid experience of HR generalist, or HR operation, compensation and
benefits experience is a plus
 Ability to partner with business leaders across all functions, departments and locations to
implement HR procedure and programs based on business needs
 Strong and proven analytical skills
 Excellent MS Office skills (MS Excel, MS PowerPoint)
Hands-on experience with HR information systems and HR process
 Good knowledge of Japanese labor legislation
 Willingness to work under uncertainties as the organizational transformation to a full-fledged biopharma company
 Strong English