Job Description

Company Overview
Japanese IT solution company

Job Description

In collaboration with HRBP candidates and recruitment specialists, you will devise a human resources strategy plan based on the business strategy and contribute to the achievement of the sales target of the business management department.

In addition to setting and managing KPIs for adoption, as human resources management in the business administration department, we carry out ES, attendance management, interviews, etc., analyze employee information, formulate problem solutions, and develop human resources development plans. You will also work on the implementation.

■ Required
・ Experience of mid-career recruitment of about 50 people a year
・ Management experience of 2 or more people
* Personnel managers or managers, personnel consultants, and outsourcers are also welcome.
■ Available
・ Work experience and industry knowledge of Sier and his IT companies
・ Experience as an HR business partner
・ Experience in training and training after joining the company
・ Experience in hiring more than 100 people a year