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Job Description
"Become a business partner of business managers and executives as a proponent and executor of organizational and human resources strategies for the realization of business strategies.
The mission of the organization is to make recommendations regarding business and organizational strategies, and personnel treatment is required to realize this.
You will play a central role as a business person.

Most of the work in charge is regular work (regular organization organization, treatment (assessment), personnel planning, etc.) according to the annual cycle of personnel treatment related work.
You will be in charge of creating material data, coordinating with the workplace, responding to inquiries related to personnel treatment, etc.), but for some of the tasks below
Solutions that constantly identify issues from a medium-term perspective, formulate measures through research and analysis, and involve business lines
I also hope that you will be provided.
・ Drafting policy guidelines for organizational structure and personnel allocation to realize business strategies and deploying them to business lines
・ Planning of future executive candidates and successors to major positions
・ Selection of excellent human resources and formulation of personnel training plan
・ Optimal personnel planning for business growth (including labor composition simulation and structural reform)
・ Acquisition of human resources necessary for business growth such as digital human resources
・ Drafting employment plans such as employment of the elderly and fixed-term employment contracts, job presentations, contracts
・ Personnel plan for observing the statutory employment rate for employment of persons with disabilities
・ Promotion of appropriate treatment work in line with merit-based performance
・ Promotion of diversity measures (securing and training diverse human resources)
・ Planning and implementation of engagement measures (retention of young employees, etc.)