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Job Description

Company Overview
Well-known Pharmaceutical Company

Job Description
Sales Force Digitalization:
- Lead Sales Force Digitalization activities with an emphasis on achieving high usersatisfaction and fast time-to-market, through the introduction of new collaboration & work
methodologies (agile, scrum, etc.).
- Focus on efforts across two major areas of scope. (1) Business Intelligence: designing and
continuously improving the delivery of activity, market and customer information to the
Sales Force, with intuitive, customer-friendly interfaces. (2) Decision Making Support:
designing and continuously improving tools that provide suggestions to MR in order to
enhance their effectiveness, with technologies such as artificial intelligence
Customer Relationship Management(CRM):
- Support all aspects of CRM architecture and design - Manage and conducting development,
modification, maintenance, and retirement of CRM and accompanying services together with
commercial data owners and report owners
- Support to develop system design specifications in the view from IT department and report
Commercial data management:
- Make sure that commercial data assets serve their intended business purpose
- Responsible for life cycle management on acquired data
- Maintain commercial data asset landscape including master management
- Understand business needs including those backgrounds in Japan, and negotiate and
communicate effectively with global colleagues to achieve local requirements and
- Lead in creating innovative strategy / methodology in SFD (sales force digitalization) SFE
(sales force effectiveness) that really work at the field
- Collaborate strongly with related stakeholders to develop and maintain business
intelligence tools and suggestion engines for sales force with deep understanding of Sales
Force Effectiveness (SFE)

■University Degree or Above
■Master of Business Administration or related field preferred