IT support specialist || 社内ヘルプデスク

Job Description

Company Overview
The Company Group now numbers approximately 32,000 employees worldwide, about 3,000 of which are based in Italy. The company has over 17 stores in Japan and are expanding.

Job Description
• Installation/configuration/maintenance of Shoppy, computers, software, printers, and internet and telephone lines
• Purchasing/installing/replacement of all equipment
• All IT activities related to stores’ new openings (installation of software and power boards, tiding up of cables, …)
• Creation of workflows
• Troubleshooting (Liaising with IT for all Shoppy and software issues)
• IT support to all employees (including providing with IT training of new staff in shops and office)
• Monitor inventory of materials and equipment

• In depth understanding of diverse computer systems and networks
• Good knowledge of internet security and data privacy principles
• Degree in Computer Science, engineering or relevant field will be an advantage
• Certification as IT Technician will be an advantage
• Technical knowledge of all building systems (electrical, heating etc.) preferred
• Excellent diagnostic and problem solving skills
• Excellent communication ability
• Japanese Business level, good level of English (Italian is not mandatory but a plus)
• Outstanding organizational and time-management skills