In-direct procurement Leader

Job Description

Company Overview

Job Description
• Re-establishing all the procurement activities in those portfolio where procurement activities are currently shared by multiple functions.

Sourcing Strategy
• Develop, implement and drive procurement strategies for appointed projects.
• Engage with global buyer for the contract and PO placement to global suppliers.
• Implementation of Tactical and Strategic sourcing agreements for Logistics, Capex/MRO and Repack spending in Japan.
• Support Procurement Managers by providing timely and accurately assistance on relevant topics and initiatives as required for appointed projects.
• Implement e-sourcing strategy in Japan.
• Support Contract Negotiations
• Resolve operating issues related to suppliers
Supply process
• Spend analysis.
• Business recommendations and System compliance.
• Monitor and track the KPIs set for key suppliers e.g. on-time delivery leading to best value to business and customer’s needs
Order placement and execution
• Ensure Tendering Process and Documents Flow Process are being executed according to the purchasing policy
Vendor performance tracking/monitoring
• Constantly maintains detailed supplier database
• Supplier performance tracking (KPIs)
Other tasks
• Coordinate teamwork
• To develop Strategic working relationship network with internal stake-holders.
• Prepare reports for Manager.
• Arrange and plan supplier liaison meetings and audit visits according to the supply procedures.

A skilled experienced Leader with honest and kind personality to gain trust very good relationship with all stakeholders/suppliers/users.

*Sufficient research/analysis/communication/negotiation skills to deliver value for each projects for oneself
*High learning capacity and problem solving skills to quickly cope with various industry/supplier/topics without any past experience
*Resilience to cope with high work volume and manage many users/functions/global teams.

*Indirect Procurement experience
*Proactive thinking & self starter mindset to aggressively seek improve opportunites
*Process re-engineering experience