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Job Description

Company Overview
Our Client is Japan's Leading AI Technology Venture. The Company actively hunts top talent ready to pursue a career in the cutting edge of modern technology. The company has a Flat culture and works as a team towards a common goal.

Job Description
Business content

It is a position to operate and manage the in-house system. Maximize the development capabilities of the company by maximizing the engineering capabilities and establishing operation automation and smooth system linkages.

Operation management of internal network environment
Management of public cloud environment
Development for in-house system automation
In-house system security support
Web service operation management
In addition, operation, management and development of all internal systems

Required experience and skills

Network Device Operation Experience-Development Experience with GitHub
AWS, GCP or Azure Business Experience-Linux Server Operating Experience in an On-Premises Environment
Understanding the failure response flow
Understanding trends in DevOps, SRE, etc.
Knowledge of system security and cloud security
Desired experience and skills

System development experience
Love for network technology, such as having a rack at home, operating AS at home, building an own DC, building a conference network, etc.
In-depth understanding of account management and federation such as SSO, SAML etc.
Enthusiasm for operational automation and exclusion of individualization
Deep Learning Development Experience
English proficiency (eg TOEIC 730 or higher)
Desired image of a person

have a sense of responsibility
Do things steadily
I want to improve something inefficient
I have a love for technology
Purpose-oriented (product-oriented)

Additional Job Information
Completed various social insurance (Employee pension insurance, health insurance, employment insurance, workers' accident insurance)
Maternity leave, childcare leave, Keio leave etc
Regular health checkup

Our company stipulates preferential treatment and transportation expenses according to experience, performance, ability and contribution
Assessment twice a year
Trial period 3 months
Bonuses according to company performance and personal performance in addition to basic salary (twice a year, October / April)
Notebook PC, desktop PC, PC parts, purchase assistance
Service system

Week holidays 2 days (Saturday and Sunday), holidays, New Year holidays
Professional labor type discretionary labor system (considered working hours: 8 hours) or flex system
Annual paid leave system according to our company