職名 JMP Powertrain Solutions Division Development || パワートレインソリューション事業部開発
分野 製造・自動車 求人
勤務地 Japan - Others
仕事における推薦者 JO-190318-185580
職種 Permanent

Job Description

Company Overview
A German manufacturer of automotive parts and power tools.

Job Description
Power train will be involved in the (diesel and gasoline · EV / HEV) system engineering business.
The main product areas are:
[Diesel area]
diesel engine for fuel injection systems (common rail system), conventional diesel fuel injection pump, glow system, exhaust gas after-treatment system (urea SCR system), and the like products and systems, will be the various sensors.
[Gasoline · EV / HEV area]
Motor inverter · DC / DC converter, transmission (CVT belt), the engine control computer, gasoline engine for fuel injection systems, such as

■ job description ■
system engineering of diesel and gasoline engines and EV / HEV , adaptation of the proposal and control functions of the powertrain system (combustion technology / air management / fuel injection control / EV-HEV system) and calibration of a vehicle control function (failure diagnosis / engine torque control, etc.) engine based on the & future environmental regulatory trends and exhaust treatment · EV / HEV system proposed in the
adaptation of and proposals and control functions of the diesel exhaust treatment system (SCR / DPF, etc.) , power train control computer (ECU) development transmission (CVT belt) development

[JMP = Junior Managers Program Overview]
Junior Managers Program (JMP) is a human resource development program. The purpose of this program is to foster “future management candidates”.

During 18-24 months, you will receive practical training in 3-4 departments, taking approximately 6 months as one period. The last six months, we plan to practical training in foreign countries!

Job Qualification:
- Electrical and electronic system or mechanical system or master's degree or doctoral graduates of the information systems field (undergraduate also acceptable by the Department of belonging at the time)
- knowledge of automotive engineering

Overseas experience (work experience, internship, research activities, etc.),
English (TOEIC800 points or more - native level)
Japanese force (native level)
Domestic and International transfer is possible
Less than work experience 5 years

[Desirable requirement of each position]
and employment experience If a person of, business in the global field, control system development, combustion technology or the exhaust treatment technology, If you have any experience of work involved in the EV / HEV development and communication / presentation skills and negotiation force

Age: 18 to 30 years following
Languages: Japanese native level, Business level English
Work experience: Less than 5 years

We need someone who has been oriented to become a top management of the future company.
In the interview, we will focus on the past of leadership experience.

Additional Job Information
experience, age, ability preferential treatment on the consideration
※ college starting salary disbursements monthly salary 210,000 3,500 yen (fiscal 2018)

[Working hours]
flextime (standard working hours 8h, core time office: 10: 30 ~ 15:15, factory: 10:00 to 15:00)

pay raise annual
bonuses twice a year
various social insurance-conditioned
transportation expenses full amount payment
system / employee savings facilities / training center, contract recreation facilities other
other / stylistic part , circle activities

[Training program]
self-development program support (language training, TOEIC, various types of communication education programs),
leadership / management training, such as areas of expertise education

full five-day work week, New Year · GW · summer (each 10 day about the continuous vacation),
paid leave (annual acquisition track record average 19.4 days) special holiday
※ annual holiday 121 days (2017)

Working Place: Higashi Matsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture