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Job Description

Job Description
-Preparation and Review of agreements and contracts - including ones in English
- Approval of seal application for contract and other documents
- Drafting of forms of contract
- Preparation and Review of internal rules amendments
- Participation in internal projects
- Legal research and other legal matters
- Preparation of internal documents in connection with the legal team
- Privacy law compliance
- The necessary coordination works for above work
- Participation in internal projects

- Work experience in legal department at private companies or law firms for period -1 through 3 years
- Experience in the legal field and work experience in the contract/agreement including contract in English, such legal documents review
- Qualification to practice law
- English in terms of business documentation. Experience in review of English contracts is necessary. English speaking ability (business level) is preferred.)
- Microsoft Word, Excel、PPT IT skill, such as Word, Excels, PPT etc
- Team work