Job Description

Company Overview
Creative Entertainment Company underpinned by technology,
- has a rich accumulation of technology in areas such as audio/visual, image sensors, robotics and AI.
- delivers wonderful emotional experiences.

Job Description

- Focusing on digital circuit design work of CMOS image sensor, after design, it measures and evaluates and covers the area from delivering products to the end customer.
- Recently, we have developed sensors of up to 1,000 frames per second.

- The workplace is lively, from young to veteran.
- We are advancing development while solving various issues from the design examination stage, regarding how it can be incorporated into design specifications in response to customer's requirements.
- Rather than just digital design, we are developing while discussing between engineers what should be in terms of both the internal architecture of the sensor and the architecture of the customer's camera system.
- The development schedule is tight, but because it is immediately incorporated into the wide range of final products, it is a workplace where it is easy to feel the contribution to the world.

- Digital circuit design work
- Design and verification with verilog-HDL (In addition to waveform inspection, verification by reference C, verification by assertion, verification by coverage)
- There are many collaborations with other departments, such as sharing information with manufacturing sites and collaboration when issues arise.
- After the design, in addition to working with the measurement and evaluation team, you also support the launch of a prototype because we have our own factory.
- You will create a team of several to 10 people, drop it from the required specifications into the design specifications, and work with the team within a set schedule.
- In the long-term span, you will study and develop next-generation CMOS image sensors.
- Although CMOS image sensors require some degree of analog knowledge that analog and digital circuits are operating in concert,
by collaborating with surrounding members and related departments and acquiring skills, you can work on more advanced sensor development.

- The design team for each block in the project is about five people and expect a leader or senior staff.

- You can learn digital circuit design skills of CMOS image sensor and architecture construction skills inside the sensor.
In addition, as an engineer who has mastered sensor development in general, we can provide the world's first sensor that exceeds human eyes.

- Semiconductor digital circuit design skills.
- Specifically, upstream design skills such as Verilog-HDL and digital circuit design skills for controlling memories such as SRAM,
- Those who can use Unix / Linux OS.
- Basic knowledge of analog circuits is a plus