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Job Description

Company Overview
European leading maker of kitchen appliances.

Job Description
Job Title: Logistics Specialist

Reporting to: - Customer Service Manager

Business area Knowledge & Experience:
- Good general knowledge of warehouse management
- Japanese Import and customs knowledge and experience
- Experience with controlling topics, KPI logistic targets and invoices

Other knowledge and experience:
- SAP experience
- Good Microsoft Excel knowledge
- Strong English (both written and spoken)

Key processes/contacts for the role:
- Sales teams
- Service team
- Customer Service team
- HQ Logistics and Service teams
- External: Import partner (logistics company)
- External: Customs Japan

Personality type
- Cooperative/team player
- Outspoken and strong.
- A driver for change
- Happy to work in “virtual teams”

Key Activities
- Ensure that workflows are running smoothly and drive efficiencies in business processes
- Management of 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) companies (pricing/warehouse build-up/set and drive key KPIs)
- Benchmarking and tendering for 3PLs and required services
- Manage logistic KPIs to ensure Japan operation meets warehouse targets
- Align reorder points and processes at least twice per year with HQ
- Create/communicate/maintain clear processes and workflows for Japan logistics in alignment with our partners
- Ensure and conduct double entry bookkeeping to align warehouse numbers from logistics company in SAP data
- Conduct annual inventory stock taking
- Creation of business partner contracts as required
- Check and managing budgets/Invoices from relevant partners
- Lead the relationship with Key Account logistic centers to drive Customer Benefits.

Customer order
- Order note raised
- Communicated to warehouse
- Logistics company commissions the product
- Subsidiary informs the customer
- Customer picks up at logistics company
- Logistics company enters information into their system and informs the subsidiary
- Subsidiary enters into SAP.

Product import
- Shipping company informs the broker.
- Broker processes customs
- Transport company organised delivery to logistics company and informs Subsidiary
- Logistics company checks the container and places on stock
- Logistics company informs Subsidiary that product is on stock
- Subsidiary enters into SAP

Additional Job Information
Interested application:
please contact Yandy Low