Low-layer Software Development || 低レイヤソフトウェア開発エンジニア

Location: Japan - Tokyo
Job Type: Permanent
Salary: 5000000 - 8000000 JPY
Job Function: R&D
Reference: JO-191010-202806
Industry: Technology/Online
Sub-Industry: Software Company

Company Overview

[Company Profile] Fixstars engineers develop software to accelerate customers' businesses by utilizing high-performance hardware technology and advanced software technology.
Specifically, through parallel processing technology cultivated since the dawn of multicore, optimization technology for each architecture such as x86 / ARM / GPU / FPGA, and algorithm development including the latest technology such as deep learning and machine learning in the fields of industrial equipment, finance, and medical care.
The latest accelerators have been introduced quickly, including the start of collaboration with D-Wave, which has realized the world's first commercial quantum computer, and has achieved overwhelming speeds that other companies cannot achieve.

[会社概要] フィックスターズは、高性能なハードウェアテクノロジと、高度なソフトウェア技術力を活かし、お客様のビジネスを加速する為のソフトウェア開発を行っています。
具体的には、マルチコア黎明期より培ってきた並列処理技術、 x86/ARM/GPU/FPGAといった各アーキテ クチャ向け最適化技術、深層学習や機 械学習といった最新技術も含めたアルゴリズム開発を通して、車載・産業機器・金融・医療など様々な分野でソフトウェアを高速化しています。
直近では世界初の商用量子コンピュー タを実現したD-Wave社との協業を開始する等、最新アクセラレータをいち早く導入し、他企業では成しえない圧倒的な高速化を実現しています。

Job Description

software development for storage maximizing hardware capabilities

[In particular]
■ Development of firmware and device drivers for controllers that control the latest 3D NAND flash memory
■ Development of programs that support the latest architecture and operate cooperatively using a wide variety of processors
■ High-speed operation utilizing the computing machines unique to each SoC
[through projects]
■ Touch the latest memory technology
■ You can embed your own programs on hundreds of millions of devices around the world
■ You can improve your skills by developing together with technically curious friends
■ Get in touch with the latest architecture quickly and deeply
■ Skills can be improved by sharing technology with optimization specialists

ハードウェアの能力を最大限引き出すストレージ向けソフト ウェア開発

■最新の3D NANDフラッシュメモリを制御するコントローラ向けのファームウェアおよびデバイスドライバの開発
■最新アーキテクチャに一早く、かつ、深くまで接することがで きる
■最適化のスペシャリスト達と技術を共有することで、スキル アップできる


■ C / C ++ programming experience
■ programming experience under constraints such as speed performance target and memory usage limit

■ Those who can study algorithms that have a bird's-eye view of the entire system, regardless of individual function development
■ Those who are good at mathematics
■ Hardware control software / firmware development experience


Additional Job Information

[Overtime] Average 20-30 hours / month
[Culture] Under the motto “Engineer is the leading role!”, we support engineers to improve their skills, such as in-house study sessions, in-house universities, inviting attendance at academic conferences / seminars / external procons, and full assistance for acquiring PhD. We have created an environment where engineers can concentrate on coding.

[残業時間] 平均20~30時間/月
[社風] 「エンジニアが主役!」をモットーに社内勉強会や社内大学、学会/セミナー/社外プロコン出席奨励、PhD取得全額補助な ど、エンジニアのスキルアップを支援し、また、マルチモニターやキーボード等、エンジニアがコーディングに集中できる 環境を整えています。