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Medical Science Liaison Pulmonary Fibrosis - Top Global Pharma Company

Job Description
To build activity plan based on IBP/ICP/ICE
(Related Performance Indicators)
To identify EE in the responsible therapeutic area and revise list accordingly
・担当疾患領域におけるIBP/ICP/ICEに基づく適切なEE engagement planを策定する
To develop appropriate EE engagement plan based on IBP / TA strategy in the responsible therapeutic area
・IBP/ICP/ICEと一貫したEE engagement planの実行及びその記録
To record and execute EE engagement plan aligned with IBP/ICP/ICE
・EEから担当製品に関するサイエンティフィックインサイトを得るために、SI/Scientific exchangeを実施する。また、そのための適切なコンテンツを作成する。また、学会等からの最新情報も含め得られたサイエンティフィックインサイトは戦略やアクションプランの策定のために関連部門と共有する
To conduct SI/Scientific Exchange in order to gain scientific insight on responsible product from EE and to create appropriate contents. Also, to share scientific insight including latest information from congress, etc. with relevant departments to develop strategies and action plans
To support planning and organization of advisory board for execution in the responsible therapeutic area as well as planning and implementation of scientific meetings
To build and sustain positive relations with target EE throughout product life cycle via regular contact and communication
To utilize digital tools in customer engagement
To manage budget and leave record for responsible activities as a whole
To provide support for IIS and data building
To create new scientific data in consideration of feasibility, scientific appropriateness and ethics in order to fill data gap and unmet needs
Support clinical/non-clinical IIS as liaison based on request
To provide scientific data on approved/unapproved/off-label products based on customer's request
To create appropriate contents based on request and scientific question from EE and other medical personnel as well as to provide appropriate information on top of full approval within responsible therapeutic area
To provide research result data slide to speakers as well as to speaker candidates based on request
To attend speaker training's to conduct scientific contents training and to answer questions based on request
MR Training
To conduct MR training in order to improve knowledge level of MR, based on request from training department
To comply with Code of Conduct / Laws and Regulations
To understand and comply with regulations and industry rules (promotional codes, fair competition rules, privacy, data collection/storage, etc.) as well as related SOP
・ 社員の自覚を持ち、社会規範、社内行動規範則って行動する
To act according to social norms and company's code of conduct with full awareness as a responsible employee


To maximize product value through scientific exchange via achieving scientific objective in the responsible therapeutic area based on IBP
To provide information to meet medical, scientific needs and research support from EE / other medical personnel in the responsible therapeutic area

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