Job Description

Company Overview
A Global Luxury Venue

Job Description
1. Create ways to recruit members to join their membership programs.
2. Develop a list of sales prospects
3. Achievement of membership acquisition and sales goals.
4. Design and deploy an initial Customer Relationship Management System for tracking all potential members and staff in play.
5. Contribute to sales materials design and iterations through sales feedback – Pitch decks, Videos, Podcasts, Website, and social media.
7. Contribution to revising sales strategy, such as membership priorities.
8. Training / orientation of any staff that would be required to support sales efforts.

1. 3+ years of sales experience, preferably in consultative sales, sales of intangible services and/or experiences.
2. Excellent communication skills in both Japanese and English.
3. Ability to multitask.
4. Proficiency in MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
5. Highly professional communication style and ability to influence decisions makers of major organizations.
6. Problem-solving Skills.