Location: Japan - Tokyo
Job Type: 正社員
Salary: 5000000 - 13000000 JPY
Job Function: Research
Reference: JO-200219-212089
Industry: Life Sciences & Healthcare
Sub-Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Company Overview

製薬会社 Pharmaceuticals Company

Job Description


・Conception/invention of drug approach that addresses unmet needs AND is NOT me-too.
・Establishment/construction of in vitro / in vivo pharmacological models/assays.
・Analyses of mechnisms of acion of drug candidates.


・大学院修士課程/6年制大学卒業後あるいは博士課程入学後5年以上の生物学研究の実務経験。実務経験の場がアカデミア or 企業は問わない。
・一定以上の英語力(目安:TOEIC 700点相当以上)。

・Hands-on experience of research on biology: 5 years or more after the graduation of the master course of the university or the 6-year university. No limitation to your (the applicant 's) currrent belongs, academia or company.
・Ability on biological experiments including experiment modification/alteration ability. (Fundamental ability for exerting the evaluatation of drug candicates having unprecedented mechanisms of action.)
・A certain level of English skill. (Rough guide of minimal requirement: 700 points or more of TOEIC score or the like.)