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Job Description

Company Overview

Job Description
The primary role of this position is to be responsible for timely planning and proper execution of projects, which are initiated by the Director, and Project Manager in question, based on identified and agreed needs to fulfil objectives on departmental and/or project level(s).
- Project management
- Internal and external stakeholder management
- Global communication and cross-functional cooperation
- Compliance/quality related tasks/responsibilities and specific, assigned acts of authority
(QMS requirements).
- Obligations to represent the company in various governmental working groups, other representative tasks, obligations to teach internally in the department or in the company, at universities or business schools, obligation to publish articles, represent the company at conferences etc.

Education: Master's degree or above in relevant area

Experience: 2-4 years of relevant work experience preferred.
(back office and/or field experience preferred)

Language: Fluency in written and spoken English

Leadership Competencies:
- Reflects company value and way of life
- Sets direction and strategy
- Drives performance
- Fosters innovation and continuous improvements
- Able to manage business complexities
- Collaborates across boundaries
- Inspires and motivates
- Strong communication and empathy
- Enthusiastic to meet new challenges

Additional Job Information
Although based in the Japan HQ, the job requires a global reach, and travel is expected up to 50 days a year
The Project Manager in MSA Strategic Operations has direct/functional influence on internal and/or external stakeholders. The Project Manager in MSA Strategic Operations must have knowledge about different cultures, practices and procedures.

To ensure incremental innovation within own projects and work streams, the Project Manager must be able to meet the constant changes, short notice developments, and unexpected problems, and deal with them in an effective and prompt manner.

Assignments are characterised by medium variability, complexity, and often by lack of precedence. Deliverables from the Project Manager will be implemented across the company's Marketing division and Medical Affairs function.