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Job Description
1) 担当疾患領域におけるIBPに基づく科学的な課題をサイエンティフィックエクスチェンジを通して解決し製品価値の最大化に貢献する
To maximize product value through scientific exchange via achieving scientific objective in the responsible therapeutic area based on IBP
2) 担当疾患領域におけるEE/その他医療関係者からの研究サポートや医学的・科学的ニーズを満たすための情報を提供する
To provide information to meet medical, scientific needs and research support from EE / other medical personnel in the responsible therapeutic area

概要 Details:
1. 活動計画の立案
To build activity plans
To identify EE in the responsible therapeutic area and revise list accordingly
・担当疾患領域における適切なEE engagement planを策定する
To develop appropriate EE engagement plan in the responsible therapeutic area
2. EE engagement planの実行及びその記録
To record and excute EE engagement plan
3. データ構築及びIISの支援
To provide support for IIS and data building
4. 顧客からの要望に応じた承認/未承認/適応外の科学的情報の提供
To provide scientific data on approved/unapproved/off-label products based on customer's request
5. MRトレーニング
MR Training
6. 行動規範・法令の順守
To comply with Code of Conduct / Laws and Regulations

Experience in related relevant fields such as rheumatism, collagen diseases, and/or dermatology