RGF is a global brand of Recruit Group, Japan

Job Description

Company Overview
A European food company ranked #1 in the world in a certain category with a growing presence in Japan.

Job Description
Support of direct import
 By referring to the information provided by the manufacturing site, prepare customer requested QA documents such as letters, statement, questionnaires.
 By working together with corporate master data or local sales, prepare and check the product label for import products
 When import customers request technical statement/letters, technically support communication between sales/CS and manufacturing site. If translation is needed, provide in local langulate.
 When complaint is raised by the customers, to support sales and CS for the cumminication with the manufacturing site in the matter of quality technical aspects.

Support local QA team for document
 Maintain database of necessary information for customer’s questionnaire or letters of locally manufactured products
 In case support is requested from local site, prepare customer requested documents for local customers
Support regional regulatory and to be window of local site for regulatory aspect
 Support regional team in terms of regulatory matters. Regional regulatory responsible does not understand Japanese though most of regulatory documents published by the government is only available in Japanese.

 Experience (type)
- Has min. 3 year experience of communication with foreign companies in ENGLISH in the area of customer’s documentations of food or daily consumable goods
- min 1 year work experience in charge of technical sheet and labels with regulatory checks of food or daily consumable goods

 Knowledge or specific business understanding
- Team player with initiative, drive and good communication skills across company and other sites
- Has the flexibility and ability to follow up customer’s request for import and related to customoer’s documents.
- very important to be able to work independently
- Accountable and conscientious
- Positive and initiative
- Has min 1 year experience in maintaining ISO 9001,HACCP,BRC,Haral,Koshersystem