Job Description

Company Overview
Major International Online Retailer currently looking for Compliance professional to join team.
*Excellent opportunity to join a major online company

Job Description
You will be responsible for a many different areas such such as corporate governance, compliance and risk management. Other responsibilities include designing compliance programs, drafting rules and policies to help improve frameworks. You would also help in assisting in the planning and implementation of risk management programs and helping develop compliance monitoring programs.

・Legal qualification or experience (in any jurisdiction), and/or experience in a similar Compliance/Risk function
・Familiarity with specific areas of law/compliance (e.g. company law, anti-bribery, competition law, consumer protection law, conflict of interest, AML)
・Experience implementing and designing various aspects of a compliance program
・Experience designing or delivering compliance training for a variety of different teams
・Experience conducting risk assessments
・Detailed knowledge of Japanese company law and/or the Corporate Governance Code
・Experience with corporate governance for a publicly listed company, and/or finance/accounting knowledge
・Experience in legal/regulatory drafting (English and Japanese)
・Experience in: IT, HR, e-commerce, internal audit, legal, or similar fields