Job Description

Company Overview
This young startup company strives to be recognized as innovator in the field of robotics. They want to get things done in a way that’s easily reproducible; thus having every single person on the planet benefitting from the robotic revolution.
They design, manufacture, and operate their own robot, involving various cutting-edge technologies including VR and AI into their development.

Job Description
As a Robot Software Engineer, you will design and develop key software systems for a humanoid robot system in the domain of spatial vision, including dense and sparse multi-view reconstruction, tracking within a known map and SLAM. You will be expected to work with minimal supervision together with a diverse team of hardware and software engineers to build a one-of-a-kind robotic system for immersive telepresence. Additionally, to enhance the experience of the operator of the robot, you will work on an augmented reality system to blend virtual objects with the real world in a comfortable and natural way.

【Job description】
• Build software to map room-scale to building-scale environments and localize within them
• Develop navigation algorithms to allow multiple agents to efficiently navigate complex, dynamic environments alongside humans
• Integrate spatial data with an augmented reality system

(Must have)
• PhD in Computer Science in relevant areas or 8 years of professional development of relevant systems
• Strong mathematics knowledge
• Experience with stereoscopic or multi-view vision systems
• Experience with localisation systems, especially SLAM
• Experience with multi-agent navigation and path finding systems
• Strong programming skills in the C programming language with a Linux development environment

(Good to have)
• Experience with tracking and mapping in the context of augmented reality (placing virtual objects realistically in the real world). An understanding of human vision is also desirable (convergence, accommodation, depth cues, etc)