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Job Description

Company Overview
SAP FI/CO Application Support for German bulk foods distributor

Job Description
経理関連システムのサポート。SAP FIを中心として複数のアプリケーション及びツールの運用を担当します。日常業務の運用監視と問題発生時のサポート部門への報告と問題修正。
 仕入請求書を処理するシステム(SAPベース)
 仕入先との契約管理システム
 MS Access上で動作しているツール
- 上記アプリケーションの動作を保証するために以下を行います。
 日次データインターフェースの確認.
 障害発生時、分析に必要な情報の収集。
 サポートチームへの障害報告と復旧サポート
 経理部門ユーザーへのサポート業務.
 月次・年次決算業務のサポート.
 業務監査上求められるデータの提出.
- 事業会社内での経理部門のIT アプリケーションのサポート業務
- 経理部門に対する障害・サポート内容の円滑なコミュニケーション
- 経理部門業務のワークフローの基礎的な理解
- SAP FI/CO の業務経験.
- 社内各部署との連携・調整の経験(上下問わず)
- 英語及び日本語でのコミュニケーションと文書化能力(英語はTOEIC700 点相当以上)
- SQL やツールを利用したデータ抽出・分析
- 問題解決能力
- 優れた分析力
- アプリケーション開発経験(オプション)
- 新規導入ソフトウェア・機能に関するトレーニングやサポート文書作成
- 社内の様々な部門や人とうまくコミュニケーションをとり、課題をまとめていける能

- 自らが推進力となって周囲に影響を与えていける能力
- 確実な提案と実行が行える能力
- 変化に対して自らが音頭を取って変革を行える能力
- 誰もが無理だとあきらめている課題を解決できる能力
- プロセス分析に基づくアプリケーション仕様の確定

IT Application Support
Job Brief:
We are looking for a Tier 1 IT support on our finance related Application Systems. You need to
assist the team to ensure the system availability of the finance related Application Systems,
perform problem analysis and tests when there is any system issue, and communicate with the
off-shore team for further support and program fixings.
Also, you need to extract data from the systems for reporting based on the requests from the
Financial Department and the Auditors. And you need to assist the Financial Department on their
regular operations related to the systems.
- Ensure Service Availability of the IT Application System related to the Financial Department,
the systems are including.
 SAP FI/CO system (Mainly include GL, AM)
 Supplier Invoice processing application based on SAP
 Oracle Form based in-house system handling Supplier Contract bonus
 MS Access based in-house tools
- To ensure the Service Availability of the above system, the responsible tasks are as below.
 Keep track on the system logs to ensure the schedule jobs are running normally.
 Analysis of the system problem by checking the data extraction and the system log when
system error is found.
 Fix the issue if it is functional or configuration problem, or coordinate with the off-shore
team if it is related to technical problem.
 Provide 1st Tier support to the Financial Users.
 Assist the user to use the system if they are not familiar with the system.
 Coordinate with off-shore team on system setting operations such as:
 User Right Setting.
 System Parameter Setting.
 Data Extraction and report generation.
 Explore the functionality on the existing system and provide professional advice
when users need to explore new business workflows.
 Assist Financial Team on regular operation such as month-end and year-end closing.
 Assist Auditor by providing data extraction from the system and generate reports.
- Experience on In-house Financial IT support.
- Hands on experience with software development and documentation
- Familiarity with PL/SQL (Especially Oracle DB).
- Ability to explain technical details to SLS (second level support) Team in English (Mostly in
- Ability to explain the details of the issue with layman terms with the Accounting Team.
- A good problem-solving attitude.
- Excellent analytical skills.
- Basic knowledge on accounting workflow.
- Experience on ERP system including SAP FI/CO, Oracle Forms will be a plus.

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