RGF is a global brand of Recruit Group, Japan

Job Description

Company Overview
Company is a global leader in digital security, working in over 180 countries.

Specialties rage from payment to enterprise security, Internet of Things, Digital Security, SIM cards, payment services, smart cards, Data encryption, Mobile Financial Services & NFC, Software monetization. They provide technologies and services to enable businesses and governments to protect data on personal devices, connected objects, the cloud, and in between.

Job Description
FUNCTION: Technical support account manager (SERVICE DELIVERY MANAGER) Operated Services

Main Duties

 Ensure customer satisfaction by handling services delivery of hosted solutions in the respect of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and maximizing the service profitability.
 Drive services by ensuring customer satisfaction, committed time and quality, project profitability and company interests.
 Attend Kick-off and support and maintenance handover meetings to understand project scope and clarify the deliverables status
 Provide Operational Requirements to Delivery team
 Review contract (Service Level Agreement), and other documents in order to operate services to customer
 Lead Production engineer / Production expert to match customer expectations
 Maintain quality by leading offshore Technical support teams in working to handle customer maintenance and support needs
 Be the escalation entry point for customer

Manages relationship with customer ensuring satisfaction

 Be the main Point of Contact with customer for daily relationships
 Provide transparent and fluent communication with customer
 Organize periodic meetings
 Perform regular reporting to customer
 Manage Q&A sheet with customer

Manages Operated Services Delivery project

 Trace project progress and profitability
 Ensure project milestones/deliverables
 Perform timely reporting to managers internally
 Continuously improve the quality of operation
 Deal with change request from customer in cooperation with sales team

Performs change management control
 Ensure changes comply with contract or KPI's
 Communicate change to customer to get maintenance window

 Preferred Candidates will have some experience of supporting/maintenance of telecom, network, data server, or embedded application.
 Ability to lead L2 engineering teams overseas to ensure customer satisfaction for services of hosted solutions in the respect of the Service Level Agreement
 Experience of the operation of hosted solution Application Service Provider with SLA
 Experience of customer relationship management / communication
 Experience of following up and the improvement of process
 Experience with the multi-national and multi-site environments
 Technical knowledge of solution business (e.g. carriers, network, data center, call centers, etc)

 Fluent Japanese
 Conversational English