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IT compnay

Job Description
1,Take in charge of arranging APRI director schedule. Recept the sensior director from HQ.负责院长日程安排。接待来自总部的领导。
2,Follow the execution of APRI director command. 跟踪院长的命令执行情况。
3,Manage APRI formally files and department expenses. 管理亚太院正式的文件及部门费用。
4,Manage each research center’s assistant, improving the competency of each research center’s assistant, do some organization climate activity. 管理各所助理,提升各所助理的能力,开展组织氛围建设。
5, 协助院长进行重点工作管理和跟踪。Assist APRI director to manage the key task and follow the status of each reminding issue.
6,组织、支撑大型会务及活动。Organize and support important meetings and activities.

1, Fluent Chinese and Japanese, business level English. 流利的中日文,商务级别英文能力。
2, More than 5 years Secretary experience, foreign company experience is better 超过5年秘书工作经验,外企经验优先。
3, Good at human understanding ,communication and coordination. 良好人际理解、沟通与协调能力。
4,Good at writing. 良好的文笔功底。