RGF is a global brand of Recruit Group, Japan

Job Description

Company Overview
Company develops artificial intelligence software for data input and API documentation. They also provide research and development of artificial intelligence systems and related solution services. Software Development, Machine Learning, Python, Tensorflow, Deep Learning, Research Engineering.

Job Description
Successful candidates should be able to help specify, develop, test, and deploy high-quality backend solutions for customers.
Build and maintain salable high-through message queue architectures
Continuously bench marking, optimizing, and monitoring micro services to support fast growth
Taking lead on and pushing successful projects
Guiding and mentoring more junior engineers in proper engineering practices through code review and peer programming
Defining backend architecture and implementation details of new features in cooperation with other team members, front-end, and machine learning engineers
Specifying and developing scalable and performant cloud infrastructure
Finding bottlenecks and continually improving system performance
Engineers are expected to work well in groups and look for opportunities to empower their colleagues.
Responsibility: Take responsibility for your own tasks and hold others responsible for theirs.
Maintaining a mindset of developing high quality features and code.

6+ years of relevant experience to help create innovative and creative services based on AI.
Strong in leading teams of engineers
Very strong coding skills in Node.js, Python, or Go
Experience automating testing and deployment of containerized applications
Building customer-facing cloud-native systems on GCP or AWS
Deep understanding of distributed systems