Job Description

Company Overview
A global legal research company

Job Description
• To formulate and implement reorganization plans, personnel strategies and the like in accordance with business needs while working alongside the President and the management team.
• To record and manage personnel expenses on the basis of the personnel strategy and plans.
• To recruit appropriate human resources in collaboration with department heads, managers in charge, staffing agencies and the like; implement necessary recruitment and employment procedures including preliminary document screening of candidates, interviews and inquiries; plan and implement an effective new employee induction training program; and take follow-up measures to enable new employees to adapt themselves to their new work environment and to effectively perform their tasks.
• When any problem arises between a manager and a general employee or among general employees, to conduct a fair investigation of the problem, provide appropriate advice to the parties involved, and if necessary, directly take measures to resolve the problem.
• When any problem arises regarding the performance of a general employee, to provide coaching and support for a manager of the employee and take appropriate measures.
• To formulate a personnel strategy and a human resource development plan on the basis of organizational needs in collaboration with department heads and managers in charge, and plan and implement necessary measures including changes in job responsibilities, job transfers, promotion, demotion, training, coaching, mentoring and review of compensation.
• To regularly review salaries, benefits and internal rules, and review and revise the rules of employment and internal regulations in accordance with changes in laws and regulations.
• To be responsible for overall management of payments of salaries, bonuses and the like and for social insurance-related tasks.

• The capability to effectively communicate with various types of individuals under various situations both orally and in writing.
• The capability to independently make judgements and take actions and to simultaneously perform multiple tasks in an appropriately prioritized manner.
• The capability to sort out, resolve and complete tasks.
• The capability to handle pressure effectively.
• The capability to make appropriate judgements to resolve problems regarding complex matters in unpredictable and uncertain situations.
• Mother tongue-level Japanese language and fluent/high-level English language skills
• HR generalist with knowledge about compensation or training/organizational development and practical experience of the same for ten years or more
• Management experience of five years or more