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Job Description
Take accountability for achievement of business requirements, goals, and KPI/KGI, from a standpoint of Tech organization
Work closely with product managers and other business-side stakeholders with different knowledge and background, and make business plan and product roadmap as one team
For single or multiple businesses and products, with involving business-side stakeholders, define business requirements, set goals, and design KPI/KGI structure
Define high-level functional and non-functional requirements, with aligning with business requirements, goals, and KPI/KGI
Partner with a program manager and project managers in prioritization and roadmap for the marketing platform in support of business goals and needs, with flexibly aligning with volatile business environment, social circumstances, and competitive situations

Project Management:
Take accountability for single or multiple projects, and drive forward the platform and product development and service operation
Lead project planning and execution, and achieve business requirements, goals, and KPI/KGI for businesses and products which managing projects contribute to
Partner with a technical product manager in elaborating high-level functional and non-functional requirements
Collaborate with cross-functional, cross-organizational and cross-border teams to integrate with internal and external systems, platforms, and services

Service Operation Management:
Take accountability for service operations for multiple products and services which are related to each other, and achieve business requirements, goals, and KPI/KGI for multiple different businesses and products
Foresee business growth and product roadmap, and plan, acquire, and allocate necessary resources, such as human resource or budget, for the future demand
Build and lead a service operation team for day-to-day operation, and continuously enhance service operation processes in terms of efficiency and effectiveness

Technical Product Management:
3+ years of experience in web application development project
Experience in collaborating with Tech team to develop online service
Basic understanding of software development process
Demonstrated ability to work with stakeholders to clarify business issues, make hypothesis to solve the issues, and draw a roadmap to verify the hypothesis

Project Management:
3+ years of experience in software development including 1+ years of project management experience
Experience in project planning and execution
Proven ability to define requirements both of functional and non-functional

Service Operation Management:
3+ years of experience in service operation including 1+ years of online service operation experience
Experience in collaborating with both Biz team and Tech team to define and operate business process

Additional Job Information
English Requirement:Conversational Level

Japanese Requirement:Conversational Level