RGF is a global brand of Recruit Group, Japan

Job Description

Company Overview
Recruiting and job stuffing Switzerland company, has been ranked fortune global for 9 years

Job Description
Shared Service Leader

[Main operations]
· Employee Relationship
· Payroll work · Social insurance business (outsourcing) supervise
· General labor management
· Creation / change of various rules such as employment rules, informing about inside, informing employee representative opinion, reporting labor base, labor-management agreement

[Work Experience]
· Experience in relation to personnel affairs of 5 years or more
· Having over 3 years 'work experience with foreign affiliated companies' personnel affairs
· Be familiar with the following tasks
① Labor Management (Retiree Response, ER Response)
② Salary calculation work, social insurance business

【Specialized Skills / Human Skills】
· Experience of Employee Relationship
· There is no problem with the handling of the numbers necessary for salary bonus
· Payroll work with 500 or more employees and labor management practice experience should be a plus
· Business English (TOEIC 800 or more is acceptable)