Software Development Engineer, Seller Services

Job Description

Company Overview
Do you want to travel the world and test digital devices? Are you interested in engineering new products that will service millions of customers in global markets? We are looking for self-directed, high-energy, test engineers to verify device performance, connectivity, and reliability in the real world. You will have a chance to practice strong project ownership including large scale planning and coordinating sprint activities with our global partners, and delivering the best results for our customers.

This is a great opportunity to work on a variety of cutting-edge technologies and innovative products and develop tools and processes to find defects, characterize those defects with detailed communications and log files and then work as part of a team to triage those defects into fixes. Field Engineers have supported various engineering aspects of digital products such as applications, E-reader, tablet, Dash Button, Fire TV, and Dash Replenishment Service. We continue to build more innovative digital products and solutions and you would play a crucial role to guarantee their success.


これは様々な最先端技術と革新的な製品に関わり、ツールを開発し、問題を発見し、詳細な通信やログの分析で問題の特性を明らかにし、チームの一員として問題から修正を作成する優先度を決定する、素晴らしい機会です。当社のフィールド・エンジニアは携帯電話、アプリケーション、電子書籍端末、タブレット、ダッシュボタン、Fire TV、Echo、そしてDRS等のデジタル製品の様々な技術面をサポートしています。当社ではさらに革新的なデジタル製品とソリューションを構築し続け、あなたはそれらが成功することを保証するための重要な役割を担うことになります。

Job Description
Our Seller Services team is looking for a passionate, results-oriented, inventive Software Development Engineer to help grow seller business in Japan.

We are working very hard to offer the Earth’s Biggest Selection to our customers. To satisfy broad customer needs for online shopping here, we started the service in 2007 in Japan. This service has enabled third party sellers to sell on our website, which has greatly contributed to increase of selection available on our website to date. To further increase selection in quality and quantity along with our vision, we are developing software solutions to simplify the process of adding new products to our catalog and lower the bar for sellers to start selling with us.

As a software development engineer, you will play a key role in building and improving the software solutions and work with other software engineers in Japan, US and India as well as with business stakeholders mainly in Japan. Some of the key responsibilities are:
• Drive or participate in the design, development, implementation, testing and documentation of small-to-large-scale, multi-tiered, distributed software applications, systems and services using Java, Object Oriented Design and Distributed Programming.
• Translate functional requirements into robust, scalable, supportable solutions that work well within the overall system architecture.
• Work on the full development cycle, end-to-end, from design, implementation, and testing to documentation, delivery and maintenance.
• Evaluate and make decisions around the use of new or existing software products and tools.

【Various Working System for Work Life Harmony】:
We believe that it is important to spend private time such as spending time with your family or doing anything you like to spur innovation. We promote a fulfilling and flexible work style according to the work volume and lifestyle of each employee. (Example: Flex Time, Work From Home, Maternity /Parenting /Family Care Leave etc.)




• Java、オブジェクト指向デザイン、分散プログラミングをベースにした、小規模から大規模におよぶ、多階層の分散ソフトウェアアプリケーション、ツール、システムまたはサービスの設計、開発、導入、テストや文書作成を担当します
• 機能要件を元に、全般的なシステムアーキテクチャの下でうまく動作する、堅牢かつ拡張性があり、保守が容易なソリューションを実現します
• 設計、開発導入、テストから文書作成、および展開と保守までの一連のソフトウェア開発サイクルを担当します
• 必要事項に漏れのない有効なソフトウェア開発文書を作成します
• 既存または新規ソフトウェア製品およびツールを評価し何を使用したらよいか判断します

Basic Qualifications
• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field
• 4+ years professional experience in software development
• Computer Science fundamentals in object-oriented design
• Computer Science fundamentals in data structures
• Computer Science fundamentals in algorithm design, problem solving, and complexity analysis
• Proficiency with the tools of the trade, including a variety of modern programming languages (Java (preferred), C/C++, Objective C, Python, JavaScript, etc.) and open-source technologies (Linux, Spring, JQuery, etc.)

• コンピューターサイエンスまたは関連科目における学士号
• 4年以上のシステム開発経験のある方
• オブジェクト指向デザインの基礎知識を有する方
• データストラクチャーの基礎知識を有する方
• アルゴリズムデザイン、問題解決および複雑性解析の基礎知識を有する方
• Java(推奨) 、C/C++、Objective C、 Python、 JavaScriptなどのモダンなプログラミング言語と開発に必要なツールや技術(Linux、Spring、JQueryなど)習熟している方
Preferred Qualifications
• Experience building complex software applications that have been successfully delivered to customers
• Knowledge of professional software engineering practices and best practices for the full software development life cycle, including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, build processes, testing, and operations
• Ability to take a project from scoping requirements through actual launch of the project
• Experience in communicating with users, other technical teams, and management to collect requirements, describe software product features, and technical designs
• Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related technical discipline
• Experience with Scrum or Agile development a plus
• Experience in Machine Learning and Big Data

• 複雑なソフトウェアアプリケーションを開発して顧客へ導入した経験を有する方
• 実務におけるソフトウェア工学の実践知識をお持ちで、コード記述標準、コードレビュー、ソース管理、ビルドプロセス、テストおよび運用を含めた一連のソフトウェア開発ライフサイクルのベストプラクティスを理解している方
• 要件定義から実際のローンチまでのプロジェクト遂行能力のある方
• 要件定義やソフトウェア製品の機能定義、テクニカルデザインの領域において、ユーザ、他の技術チーム、マネジメント層とコミュニケーションを行った経験のある方
• コンピューターサイエンス、コンピューターエンジニアリングまたは技術分野における修士号をお持ちの方
• ScrumまたはAgile開発経験をお持ちの方
• Machine LearningやBig Dataの経験をお持ちの方