Solutions (Regulatory) SME Specialist

Job Description

Company Overview
A US headquartered Financial Solutions company whose clients are world's largest mutual funds, brokerage houses and banks.

Job Description
To maintain relationships with the key Japan regulators, industry bodies and associations as appropriate to the post trade solution offerings that we provide in the market. To maintain an up to date calendar of regulatory changes, understand how they will affect / impact our solution and frequently share with internal / external stakeholders. To provide insight into the regulatory changes, including drivers for both announced and potential changes in the market.

Strategy / Business Development: Market, regulatory and environmental change
* Leverage established contacts with regulators & exchanges to monitor the upcoming changes in the market directly or indirectly

* Bodies to be covered include at minimum the following:

* Identify key market changes and trends in the defined markets of responsibility
* Develop plans on how we will respond to these changes at a local level ensuring, where appropriate, consistency is maintained across Asia and global strategy
* Stay on top of technology landscape changes and advancements, such as DLT and AI, that will drive our industry and understand how we plan to react to those changes

Change Enablement: Product understanding and knowledge: using deep industry experience and knowledge:
* Work with our internal product experts and functional teams to understand the capabilities and features of the Japan solution set
* Be an expert in the our solution sets and articulate to clients and prospects how our solution will solve the key challenges
* Work with operations and sales to ensure that proposed projects / business are profitable to our company and are realistic to deliver within the proposed constraints (timescales / financial / scope) to ensure that senior business management have accurate data for decision making

Internal / External Relationships
* Develop and maintain a professional working relationship with clients / prospects and internal teams


* Excellent understanding of post trade life-cycle within the target market(s) for all products.
* Previous experience working on interfacing between client, regulator & internal teams
* Knowledge of our solutions such as Gloss and related modules (or similar products)
* Ability to distill complex market changes to summary level for consumption by a wide audience of both internal and external stakeholders

* Industry Contacts: Extensive network of contacts at all the key identified target contacts.

* Post Trade Industry Knowledge: Excellent understanding of the Client’s business practices and standards within the target market. Understand the key issues that face the post trade processing teams how these will affect the system design and operation.

* Market Knowledge: Understanding of the wider drivers of the financial market, including global trends or regulation that are likely to affect the operations or business practice of our clients / prospects.

* Solution Knowledge: Has understanding of each solution and how these are used to achieve the business objectives of prospects / clients. Be able to articulate in a simple and clear fashion how our components will cater for, adapter or be able to meet the changes outlined or expected.

* Ability to gather and understand prospect / client needs
* Keep up to date with latest market initiatives and standards
* Ability to remain focused on the client’s objectives and timescales
* Excellent communication, both written & spoken in Japanese and English
* Organized and methodical approach
Ability to work to an agreed plan and time-scales