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Company Overview
At the ease of home and abroad, with e-commerce acting as a strong core - travel, digital content,
Internet services such as communications, credit cards, banks, securities, insurance,
FinTech (financial) services such as electronic money, and a wide range of professional sports services are fully available.
Today, it has more than 70 services and is used by more than 1 billion users worldwide.
The aim is to maximize its business across the globe.
They are heavily invested in the IT sector for their business, and have a diverse and global working environment.
If you're keen to work with challenges and career development opportunities, this company also provides plenty of opportunities for it.

Job Description
- Extended development and operation for Android / iPhone marketed application.
- Rakuten Super English payment system and back office system development.
- System development of new educational content.
- Data Analysis based on Learning Data of Educational Content Users and Construction of Recommendation System.

- Web application development for 3 years or more using Java or Ruby
- Experience with HTML / CSS / JavaScript
- 3 years of SQL experience or application embedded experience (Mysql, SQLite etc)

Additional Job Information
If you are interested to know more about this opportunity, please contact Mariz Choo at:

(D): 03-6422-4473 or email to: